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New in the world of furniture - walking table!


Probably, each of the representatives of the habrasoobshchestvo had to deal with the need to drag heavy furniture - it happens regularly, more often than we would like. Especially bad is the case with heavy tables, which, as a rule, are also made with everything that gets into it. But the hard times are over, let's rejoice - designer Wouter Sheblin created a walking table that moves where the owner needs. And it is not necessary to say that the table on wheels is an alternative and simpler solution - the walking table is much more original, isn't it?

A couple of years ago on Habré, the news about a flower pot, a cyborg , which transfers a flower from less illuminated areas to more lighted areas, improved, thus improving the conditions for keeping a plant. Now an almost similar solution has appeared for a person - the walking table, probably the first of such projects. I wonder how stable this table is ... In addition, I was personally interested in the problem of boundary effort, after which the table will start moving - that if you accidentally push such a table filled with computer equipment or even dishes, will it not start to “walk” by scattering the entire contents of the tabletop? all around?

In general, the idea is, of course, good, the implementation is somewhat complicated, but buyers must be found. It would be interesting how much such a table can cost, and when IT will be on sale. That would have invented walking coffee makers, refrigerators and other household appliances ... As it would be nice - pressed a button, ran up the refrigerator, offered a sandwich with a delicious cocktail. He pressed another button - this same table came running, substituting the countertop under a plate with a sandwich and a cup of coffee filled with a walking coffee maker. No, I'm not as lazy as it might seem, just one of the ideas ...

By the way, a few days ago I promised to write a review of my washing robot vacuum cleaner. Almost everything is ready, a couple of strokes, and the review will appear on Habré.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102417/

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