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FIFA 11. Real football - real emotions

FIFA 11 Soon, a new star in the world of football simulators - FIFA 11 will appear on the arena of the game world. EA Canada studio has become the author of a new toy. Kaka himself will act as an advertising person - a world-famous football player who has become a real gem of the Real Madrid team. Together with him in the promotion of the game will be involved 17 more famous footballers. Such ambitiousness during the promotion is due to the fact that the game promises to be a real sensation.
The most sensational and discussed innovation today was the Personality + system. Based on the 36 basic and 57 application characteristics in the game, a completely unique style of play will be recreated for each player. To develop such a system, the developers had to connect to the work of 1,700 observers, editors and authors from various countries of the world. The creators of the game claim that this innovation will do the impossible and make it easy to distinguish one player from another in his individual style of play.
Another novelty is the Pro Passing system, which is responsible for calculating the accuracy of the transfer of the sword, based on the level of control of the controller, the situation on the field and the standard skills of the virtual footballer. All excessively strong or too weak blows will give disappointing results. To make FIFA 11 more efficient, developers added gear types such as dodging and tricks.
In light of the advent of the era of web 3.0, developers could not pass by the social component of the game. Recently there was information about the function of the Creation Center, which allows you to create unique teams and unique players. All the necessary tools for this will be presented in a special web application that anyone can access on the official website of the game. Thanks to this innovation, players will be able to show their virtual footballers to their friends and discuss them.
FIFA 11 will be presented as a new generation of game engine, game modes and graphics. According to Ian Jarvis, FIFA 11 is a fundamentally new version that has been developed over the past two years, but this is no ordinary refinement of FIFA 10. EA Sports representatives echo it, claiming that there is not a single line of code from FIFA 10 in the new game The game menu system and interface will also appear in an updated form.
In the new game the graphics are indeed presented on a fundamentally new level. All players will look amazingly realistic. If you wish, you can add your own face and modify any player.
Connoisseurs of high-quality football simulators will appreciate the work to improve dribbling, thanks to which they will be able to twist feints by 360 degrees and in any direction - straightforwardly or in the direction of travel.
The artificial intelligence of virtual goalkeepers, who in the new version will allow far fewer blunders than before, was not ignored either. In addition, the fight for the position will appear, as well as the function of covering the ball with the body. A separate modification was carried out when dealing with collisions and shocks.
A warm welcome is sure to meet such innovation as a multiplayer game over a local network. Now it will be enough to use only the LAN and not have to connect to the server Electronic Arts. For fans of the game through the Internet will appear the network service Football World, where you can get acquainted with information about tournaments, lists of friends and their achievements.

Another nice thing is the ability to install your own musical accompaniment and the function of adding your own “chants” to the noise of the stadium.


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