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Two psycho in Shanghai. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days: a new battle for life, death

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Fans of bloody shooters are delighted with the long-awaited continuation of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The new story about the two most charismatic and brutal professional killers was created by the developers of the Square Enix company.

New scenery for action skirmish as two drops of water resemble the streets of noisy Shanghai. It is there that these crazy heroes take part in an unprincipled operation to neutralize a whole group of criminal Shanghai authorities. In the new shooter, players can enjoy fundamentally different sensations, sharper, sophisticated and at the same time refined. The developers of the game Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days worked under the strong influence of documentary films. As a result, the second “story” of the famous action movie became even more bloody and cruel. Here, cruelty and violence are elevated to the rank of absolute, so the mind of a healthy person gets a real barrage of conflicting emotions and thrills. This kind of shooter is able to relieve any stress and make you forget about any household troubles.

According to Niels Jorgensen, general manager of developer Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (IO Interactive), shooter fans are always waiting for something completely new from the new “series” and this time they got this “new” in full . Niels admits that the new Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be a kind of revelation of the bloodthirsty, such beloved and even a few unfortunate shooter heroes.
In the new story, the psychopath Lynch, already known to us by the previous version, agrees to carry out one deal in Shanghai, promising a solid jackpot that will allow him to spend the rest of his life happily. However, the deal, of course, is associated with enormous risk and mortal danger. Here you can’t do without the good old Kane, who together with Lynch will turn the streets of Shanghai into a real battlefield for life. Our notorious criminals are ready to arrange a warm reception for the Shanghai authorities and to prove that two are already an army.

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