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Tale of how I received my sight

It is unlikely for someone to be the news that there are a lot of people with any vision problems. It can be a small minus, it can be very big. And everyone for himself begins to look for ways to “return edinichki”, very few people leave it to chance. Too often it is required to look with full eyes: at work, driving, etc. And now, almost everywhere they have switched to spreadsheets, and stupidly remembering “Shb mnk Yymbsh” no longer works.

I had 0.16, of course I wore glasses. Lenses could not tolerate. The people were usually not the topic that I saw badly right away, and did not work sitting in computers or vypayvaya small details, mocked me, it was all on the drum. I honestly tried many ways to recover from holey glasses to a gymnast. But what does it mean to restore the vision , if your reference point was still not one?

And I would live in a constant fog further, until I tried it.


To begin with, Lasik is an operation. The operation is done semi-automatically and corrects a lot of imperfections of both optics and retina (for myopic, this is relevant). After the operation, a person gets a "super vision", but do not forget that once the vision was not perfect. The image shows the progress of the operation:

In Wikipedia, you can read more, retelling everything does not make sense. The essence is precisely in cutting a small piece of the cornea's surface, heating the cornea with a laser (I thought the smell would be more unpleasant) and returning the cut layer back. All this time the patient is in a horizontal position and looks at the red point with a wide-open eye. The operation is painless, quick, but partly unpleasant. At such a moment it is better to disengage from what is happening and focus on the red dot, otherwise you can spoil everything.

After the operation, the eyes will be dry for some time, there will be a great desire to scratch them, wash them and soon read the Habr. But all this can not be done on the first day. It is necessary to endure, and on the second day you can feel alive.

Advantages and disadvantages




So that the opponents of the operation would not think, so that the supporters would not bring them, I decided for myself and did it, now I feel very well. Of course, out of habit, all the time I want to fix the glasses constantly slipping from my nose. It will soon pass.

I will try to answer some questions about the procedure, if something remains unresolved, in the comments, but I am not going to persuade or discourage anyone.

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