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Creation of modules for PHPShopCMS Free - earnings for webmasters

PHPShopCMS Free announced the creation of a program for webmasters Profiting from the creation of modules” , aimed at developing the PHPShopCMS Free project - a free content manager. The program will give webmasters the opportunity to earn money by writing simple modules and placing them in the database of free project modules .

The essence of the program "Profit from the creation of modules"

If you are a developer and created a useful module for PHPShop CMS, you can place it in the module catalog and receive 50% of the remuneration for its use by system users. Payment for use is voluntary and does not force the user to pay for the module.

When a module is voluntarily activated, the user sends an SMS to a short number through internal billing and receives in exchange a serial number, which can be used by him further. The cost of an SMS varies from 30 to 250 rubles, depending on the tariff module selected by the developer.
When payment is received, 50% of the amount is credited to the developer’s account, the remaining 50% is a contribution to the development of the project and overhead costs for using billing. Withdrawal of funds is carried out through Webmoney at the request of the developer within 3 days.

Developer Registration

To post and receive a voluntary payment for the use of modules, you must fill out a questionnaire After registering in your personal account, account management functions and tools for adding a module to the database will become available.

Developer Help

The PHPShopCMS project is provided with good reference help for developers. The official website of the project contains the documentation of the code in the format PhpDoc and detailed instructions for describing the API , implemented using the Wiki engine. User support is implemented as a forum, where other users and PHPShopCMS Free developers will help with any questions.

Good luck

For the project, detailed instructions for creating modules have been created , using the example of the Example test module, it provides an opportunity to understand the operation of the toolkit. Due to the modular structure of the code and the use of the framework for creating the administrative interfaces of the modules, the module code (comparing the size of the code in the already 7 modules created) does not exceed 50 Kb.

Why do I need it?

This project enables any webmaster with a basic PHP knowledge to create his own useful module, place it in a catalog and receive dividends from its use by grateful users of PHPShopCMS, to whom this module was useful and who has the opportunity to register it.

Of course, one cannot say that the webmaster will be able to get rich on this project, but one day spent studying the instructions and the API will be able to give the creator of the module a steady flow of cash thanks, which will be pleasant to spend on “beer with friends”.

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