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QuickAdm - fast universal admins

In the course of work, I somehow came across a project phpMyEdit - a web-interface that allows you to relatively simply raise admin panels for tabular data.

After completion for myself, a solution was born, which I called QuickAdm. It does a very short time admin through the web-interface to the tables, has a simple ACL and password protection.

Tables are called objects, their fields are properties. The name of the object / property is equal to the name of the table and field in MySQL, so you need to enter the Latin alphabet.
You can test it here: http://yamozg.ru/adm (login / password reader / reader, admin admin / admin - deleting tables does not work there, because it is forbidden at the database level).

Download here: http://yamozg.ru/quickadm.tar.gz (you need to configure config.php and run quickadm.sql in the necessary database, the application is designed to work in the / adm / folder relative to the root of the site).

The code is no different gracefully, written as an adapter on top of this phpMyEdit, so please do not kick too much. I think someone can come in handy.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102401/

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