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LED Desire Light: use the flash from the HTC Desire camera (or Evo 4G, or myTouch Slide) as a bright flashlight

[QR code LED Desire Light] I heard rumors and gossip that HTC Desire users, who had updated their Android to Froyo version, have a flashlight program built into it. I am not one of these lucky ones (I decided, you know, to follow the official advice and temporarily refrain from updating), so instead of that I found (in the Android Market) a free program “LED Desire Light” , which you can also download by yourself to the code I attached to the right.

Judging by the description, the program is useful not only for Desire users, since it can also use the flash in Evo 4G and myTouch Slide mobiles.

LED Desire Light activates the flash either in a steady glow mode (a four-way brightness switch is provided), or in a discontinuous glow mode with a Morse code (either a preset “SOS” signal, or any other phrase), which allows users to talk who know morzyanka. The program window also displays the indicator of the percentage of battery charge of the mobile phone. For lovers of simple interface, there is also a widget (1 × 1 icon for the desktop), which when pressed simply turns on and off the steady glow (with the brightness that was previously set in the program window).
The flash camera HTC Desire was originally conceived as intended for brief flashes, and not for an even long-lasting glow, so the author of the program placed a warning in her window that prolonged use of the program could damage the flash. The author of another similar program holds the same opinion on the xda-developers forum : the flash LED, it says, needs cooling (which is not provided in Desire), but it can not overheat and die. (Who has unnecessary Desire - you can check how long the LED will last at the limit of the glow.)

Previous programs (for example, “Flashlight”) that simply flooded the screen of the mobile phone with even white color are clearly inferior to the flash of a photo camera; desktop computer.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102393/

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