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IndiBoard (do-it-yourself dashboard dashboard)

Today I finished creating a device that is designed to display information from car simulators to a panel with LED indicators.


Since the beginning of my passion for car simulators, such as GTR 1 & 2, Race, GT Legends, etc., I have always been haunted by the thought of improving my game hardware. I modified my steering wheels, made USB joysticks, made my pedals, but it all seemed like a trifle compared to what I saw on foreign Simrais sites. There, people gathered at home cockpits, connected devices from real cars, created all sorts of small hardware pribludy for games. But all the developments that I saw were closed and paid. So I decided to make my own version of the dashboard ...
I chose ATmega 8535 as a brain device, at a small price (~ $ 5) it has 4 I / O ports and can work with the RS 232 protocol.
I chose seven-segment indicators to display information, I didn’t want to bother with the LCD, and besides, they don’t look so interesting :)
The front panel ordered in a company that is engaged in outdoor advertising. Of course, this is not what I originally wanted, but for now I'm happy.
Now about the software part.
Since I don’t know any programming language (except C for microcontrollers, on which the firmware for the device is written), I decided to use the HiAsm program designer. For a few nights studying the environment, I made my first application. It reads the Memory Mapped File created by the game, converts the necessary data and sends it to the device through a com-port.
The device has two modes of operation: gaming and service. In service mode, CPU, memory, time, and date are displayed. In the game - the speed, engine speed, etc ...

Work mode:
Game Mode:

Video of work:

The device is compatible with games from Simbin (GTR, Race07, RaceON, GTR Evolution, GT Legends) and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 :)
In the future I plan to expand the list of supported games and transfer the board to a planar installation. That's all for now.
Thanks for attention.

I will make a reservation, the article is not mine, my brother asked her to publish, they did not take it into the sandbox.
In the comments to the article he answers too.
Update: the author received an invite for habr. Now all questions to him.
Also available is an archive in which lies the scheme, firmware and software.

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