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In Canada, created a "solar" toothbrush


It seems that the meme "English scientists" recedes into the background - because this time distinguished scientists from Canada. The fact is that a group of scientists from the University of Saskatchewan (yes, this is in Canada), as much as 15 years (!) Worked on the creation of a new type of toothbrush. In general, 15 years for serious scientific research is not so much, but it is surprising that it took so much time to develop a toothbrush, albeit a new type. And this is a real project with real results, that's what's interesting. Those who do not like to squeeze out toothpaste from a tube every morning can be happy - this brush “works” without paste at all.

The fact is that Soladey-J3X, the so-called brush, does not act like regular brushes - it kills bacteria in the mouth through a chemical reaction that is initiated by sunlight (among other things, this means that you can’t brush your teeth in the dark or twilight it will turn out). According to the developers, Soladey-J3X does not require a large amount of solar energy to work - it is consumed in an amount equal to the energy consumption of a calculator with a solar battery.
To be honest, the question then arises: can such a brush work only on solar energy? After all, calculators also work from the light emitted by a not the most powerful incandescent lamp. But so far the answer to this question is not known, the scientists have not provided very much information on this issue (well, yes, if someone steals the idea, it’s also correct).

So, the principle of operation of the brush is quite simple - the oral cavity is disinfected with a special cleaning surface, which is supplied with electrons from the solar panel. According to the developers, "electrons react with acid in the mouth, resulting in disinfection." Here another question arises - why it is impossible to conduct those same electrons by means of a usual “tablet”, a miniature battery, and moreover - how can electrons “react” with an acid ...

The developers claim that conducting experiments on bacterial cultures that cause periodontitis is very successful. After some time about 120 teenagers from Japan will take part in the tests. Why from Japan? Because the Japanese company Shiken bought this development (probably, it means that the development is still really valuable?). This company is going to produce a "solar" brush in industrial quantities. The price is still unknown.

By the way, I thought for a long time where to place this post, in the “Humor on Habré” section or here ... I decided to do it here, because the news is quite real, and buyers may well appear at the brush, and not so strange things would find their consumers.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102383/

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