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Ball answering questions

I do not know which blog to shove. Apparently, "I am PR" fits more than others.

Today I solved one important question and told me that I absolutely need to use the ball that answers the questions (as in the movie “Route 60”).
Ball answering questions

Google did not find normal online balls: either they offer to buy a material ball, or online, but this ball looks scary and / or with sly logic (for example, you need to enter the text of the question that is being validated).

Actually, I wrote my ball in about an hour. You just need to click on it and get an answer.
Perhaps someone such a ball seems a little nicer than the rest.


Sharik moved to his own domain: www.8-ball.ru .
The old link also works and redirects to a new location.

Thanks to NeonXP , a bulb extension for Google Chrome has appeared.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102381/

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