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Install FAR in Ubuntu using Wine

Lovers of "holy wars" admission is strictly prohibited!

For many people, FAR has remained and remains one of the most favorite programs. She has many advantages and disadvantages too. But this topic is not about that. Many people want to continue using FAR in the future, but under Linux.

What do we need?

Go? (Beware, lots of pictures)

Program installation

First we need to unpack the archive with the program. To do this, go to the application center (Applications> Ubuntu Software Center), in the search window, type 7zip, and install the package we need.

Then install wine. In the application center in the search box, type wine. You need to install the Wine Microsoft Compatibility Layer (Beta release) . This is a more recent version of this program.


In the home directory, I made the wine folder, where I then unpacked the FAR files.


Click the right mouse button on the FAR exe-file, and check its properties, whether the checkbox "Allow executing file as program" is set in the access rights.


If everything is fine, then close the properties window, and launch our favorite FAR.


Now we take a file, and we will make a tank out of a combine. First you need to restore the usual actions of the right mouse button.
Press the right button and set a tick near the item Shift


Press the Ok button and say that we want to save the parameters for all sessions.


You can call this settings panel again with the right mouse button and Shift.
We do not touch the font setting yet.

Alt + F1 and Alt + F2 problem

Next we have the next problem. When you press Alt + F1 and Alt + F2, the system functions will be called, rather than the usual dialog boxes. We solve this problem by reassigning these buttons in the system. Go to System> Preferences> Keyboard Shortcuts


We find the mention of Alt + F1 and Alt + F2 , and override it with another shortcut key. The key assignment can be removed using the backspace . The item “Show the panel's main menu” is better to install some specific shortcut key, otherwise the system will use Alt + F1

We return to our FAR and try changing disks. It works great.

Fonts and their smoothing

We will deal with the second problem - fonts. First, open the console (Applications> Accessories> Terminal or Ctrl + Alt + T).

As I said, I created the wine folder in the home directory.
We type in the console
cd wine
wget www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
and then
sh winetricks fontsmooth-rgb allfonts

Restart FAR, and go to the program properties by pressing Shift + right mouse button. Change the font to a more suitable one, for example, Andale Mono or Liberation Mono. Save the settings as described above.

Here's what I got

Beauty, but not very. The color of the dialog boxes is a bit darker than under Windows, and this, if very annoying, can be corrected in the FAR color settings.

Associate files with native Linux applications

In the home directory, create a file called winenative
Its contents should be such
$1 "`wine winepath -u "$2"`"

Save it, then do the following.
sudo chown root:root winanative
sudo chmod a+x winenative
sudo mv winenative /usr/bin/

Changed the owner, set the execution rights and moved to the / usr / bin / folder

Next, run FAR and type regedit in the console.
In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, we are looking for the pngfile key, it will contain shell > open
In open, there may be ddeexec , which I deleted. We need to create or change the command key.

Insert the key value start /Unix /usr/bin/winenative eog "%1"

It should turn out like this:


Similarly, we repeat for other types, replacing "Eye of Gnome" (eog) with other applications.

A spoon of tar

UPD: Specified in the installation requirements wine

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102362/

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