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New digg (from the creators of digg.com) [+ distribution of invites]

The creators of digg.com are developing a new version of their offspring. And just recently launched a new digg in public testing.

You can register for a new digg using invite . Well, of course, filming me in the new Digy.

Now let's look at what the new digg is .
The basis of the new digg was adopted by the followers system, invented by the Twitter team. This is a whole new digg.
When registering, you can subscribe to interesting accounts. You can import contacts from twitter, facebook and google.


Your homepage on the new digge

By analogy with Twitter, the main page displays links from all the people (or robots) you follow. The list of people is displayed right there in the left menu.

Top News

This page displays all the news that received the most votes. Everything is like on the old digge. You can filter the tape by topic or by time period (popular for 24 hours, 7 hours, 30 days)

Adding entries to the tape

Submitting your link is easy. Place the cursor in the field “Submit new link”, insert the link you like and press digg it! Digg will automatically download all images from the page and the title. Pictures can be scrolled through and select the one you like. Select a category in the drop-down menu and press digg it!

Your created digg appears.


Perhaps the settings do not require special attention, except for two functions that are worth mentioning.
These are connections that allow you to link your account on a new digg with twitter, facebook or google.
And the second function is auto-submit. It allows you to automatically create diggs when new messages appear in the rss feeds of the specified site.

Instead of conclusion

<p> As an experiment, I propose to promote this review in a new digg
Hooray! We overcame the turn of 200 digov!
I wonder how soon new Russian diggs will appear :-)


You do not need to write to me in private or leave emails, just go through invite links and register.
Updated Invites List

Thank techcrunch for providing an invite.
Join me on the New Digg

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102361/

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