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How it was: Intel Summer School 2010 to the equator


Here comes the end of the Intel Summer School 2010: Monday-Tuesday final reports on the work done; Wednesday bypass list, the equipment is handed over, and when the pass is completed, the magnetic pass passes. And then the locomotive with a taste of sadness will carry the interns home. And only with time will come the realization that in addition to experience, the main idea of ​​the organizers of the Intel schools worked: Strengthening / Association / Training of the community of students and young scientists. After all, Kopeyka Ruble Preserves. Maybe someone will come in the role of an engineer in Intel, but many will continue their scientific / technical work in their educational institutions with a rethought worldview.
But back to the main topic of the post. After the equator of the Summer School, I asked interns and organizers to share their impressions of the first month at Intel. But the holiday took me by surprise, and I did not have time to format everything. Now the time has come, as they say: "Better late than never." Let me remind you that during the first month the interns:
And now it's time to get acquainted with the heroes of my post:
Maria Oseeva, Intel Summer School Program Manager:
“On behalf of the organizing team I want to say,“ Phew ... As long as we are great. Half way behind. ” No, it was not difficult, the main thing is to start successfully, and then “keep breathing in the process of running.” Not for nothing, since winter we have thought through everything to the details - entirely for each of the 5 offices separately.
As soon as we did not test students:
Even the knowledge of the English language was tested together with our sponsor - the Master Class group of companies (Nizhny Novgorod), who provided the winners with luxurious prizes in the form of invitations to long and advanced language courses.
And this is all against the background of work in projects on tasks that are clear and rigid in time.
Honor and respect to the participants of the Intel Summer School 2010, who after all our experiments with them are healthy, cheerful, optimistic, want to work and even try to identify candidates for the title of chief workaholic.
By the way, this year we received an unscheduled assistant to enhance the working ability of our summer interns ... the weather. Strange as it may seem, the fire hazard situation in Moscow, Nizhny and Sarov played into our hands. There is heat and smoke outside the window, there is nothing to breathe, visibility is low - and in the office there is coolness, purified air, and protective masks for those who still risk to go out. An unexpected, but excellent motivation to not even go, but to run to the office not only for summer schoolchildren, but also for employees. This is how nature came to the defense of employers during the holidays and student holidays. ”
Dmitry Pavlov, Nizhny Novgorod office, Educational institution: Ivanovo State Energy University:
“I can’t even believe that a whole month has already flown by. How quickly everything went. It would seem that only yesterday the summer school Intel opened its doors and we were a little confused and happy to get acquainted with our new place of work for the next 2 months. Now, I think, they have become a little more confident, they have become accustomed, but the feeling of happiness and pleasure from work is still present and even becomes stronger day by day.
Time, indeed, flies rapidly. Evaluating the past month, you understand how much we managed to do, how much to find out.
First, we managed to attend a bunch of trainings, and personally I received as much knowledge as I do not give for a semester (or even more) of university studies. Moreover, the lectures are selected so that you get knowledge from different areas. How to write letters, software development cycle, creative thinking, and much more. Separately, I would like to note the instructors for their professional approach to business. Each of them was able to interest the audience and perfectly, and most importantly, with interest to present their subject. I remember vivid discussions, questions, discussions.
Secondly, in addition to working on the project, Intel offers many interesting contests. I managed to participate in almost everyone and even managed to win a T-shirt :).
Thirdly, it is especially worth noting the student workshop. It was a great opportunity to talk with summer schoolchildren of past years, learn a lot of new things and present their developments. After such events, interest in their profession flashes with a new force, this one as a charge of energy and new ideas. I also remember the excursion to Gorodets at the end of the seminar. In addition to knowledge of programming, he also refreshed his knowledge of history.
Separately, I note the department in which I work. This place is just a fairy tale. These are people with whom it is cool to work together, who have tremendous experience. I learned in practice the advantages of flexible development methodologies, learned the meaning of the magic words Agile, XP, Kanban.
My mentor especially helped me in this. Without it, it would be painfully difficult to write the right line of code, follow the principles of Agile, and generally create a normal application architecture. I will also note his talent for lecturing to students of the summer school. Each such lecture is a whole event that no one wants to miss.
And finally, the most important thing is the feeling with which you go to work. It is not even a job, but a passion, a hobby, something that gives great pleasure. Communicating with interesting people - with specialists who today determine the future of the IT industry and work with the most modern tools and methodologies.
PS And recently opened a sports ground. I look forward to a football match students against employees. "

Yulia Shatilina, Novosibirsk office, Educational institution: Altai State Technical University named after I.Polzunova :

“From the very first day I was struck by the atmosphere in the company: very quiet, calm, and most importantly, everyone is so friendly around. Somehow we were very well received from the first day and were very attentive. The director of our summer school, Nikolai, is very attentive and always ready to help and answer any question, starting with school organization, accommodation, leisure, and ending with already highly specialized questions about the specifics of working on projects. I also like my mentor very much, it is very interesting to work with him, a very intelligent and interesting person, an interesting task. Despite the fact that the first weeks of school, there was no time to work on the task, I still managed to find time, and I think I’ll finish even ahead of schedule. Seminars and webinars are always very interesting. The seminars are very lively, the narrators from Intel (and not only) are well aware of the art of presentation (which is the way they are going to teach us tomorrow), and the material is always interesting, modern and necessary. Webinars, of course, are also good, but I'm still getting used to them, because they usually go long enough. The team in the summer school, we got a very colorful and interesting, but we still became good friends and had a great rest in our free time. I would also like to note that we participated in the celebration of the anniversary of the site, and a group of enthusiasts and I joined the organizing committee and helped prepare for the holiday, which was also quite interesting. The holiday was in the format of the Greek Olympic Games, everyone was in "togas", there was a bunch of original and funny competitions.

I would like to note that the prizes for the victory were beaten very attractive, as it turned out of course. I can proudly announce that the team of interns took the 1st place and received a group trip to the bowling club:

Everyone is happy and happy. And I am very glad that I went to this school! Thank you, Intel, for a great summer! ”
Igor Shalyminov, Moscow office:
“Interesting, challenging tasks; a sea of ​​knowledge and experience; a friendly and vibrant team - that's all for me Intel Summer School 2010.
To be honest, I didn’t even think that the summer internship program could be so intense: in addition to working directly on the task at 7 weeks, a couple of dozens of trainings and webinars, programming contests and knowledge of English and even a trip to another city did it!
Any summer school is followed by knowledge and experience, but not every one can get as much as the Summer School of Intel provides. New knowledge for schoolchildren was provided by webinars: over the last month, reports were read on almost everything - from the basics of creative thinking to the subtleties of multi-threaded applications and improving the security of their code. Moreover, absolutely every webinar managed to learn something new: even if at first there was a feeling that all this was already known from the university program, at the end of each webinar it turned out that there was still much to learn in this area.
Speaking of experience, I mean not only the application of knowledge to the solution of the problem. Intel has a completely different experience in Intel (I’ll probably call it that). When you contact a person from Costa Rica to clarify a question within one working day, you receive a mailing list from China for dinner, and in the evening you join a videoconference with America - this is experience in Intel. Working in a team that is not limited to one office, city, or even a country is great!
Evgeny Shevchenko, St. Petersburg website (office), Educational institution: Southern Federal University (Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics):

“I especially want to highlight the trip from St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod, acquaintance with the Novgorod site and the organizers of the summer school.

It was pretty impressive to plunge into the work of the main office of Intel. Two workers and one day off in the form of an excursion to Gorodets left a lot of impressions. For which thanks first of all to the organizers.

A special impression was made by our native St. Petersburg website, its responsive and friendly team. Here we are working on research in the field of gesture recognition under the guidance of our mentor and a very good man, Andrei Belogolov
Andrei Maslennikov, a Media SDK internship project engineer, director of the Intel 2010 Summer School in the Sarov office (part-time student of the NRNU SarPTI MEPI):

"I am a director. For the past month. It is still funny. In general, I like the position - it sounds. And while from me is not so much required. Well, except that he met the guys, showed me the dining room. I also beat out (not without Masha, of course) a separate computer for them to conduct trainings. Something else did, probably. Visited even part of the training. It's hard not to see the narrator, but if the topic is interesting ... And I am also glad: I still got to the Summer School. Well, not a schoolboy, and so what? I still like it. ”
Victor Getmansky, Nizhny Novgorod site, Volgograd, VolgGTU:

“It's nice to know that you have been working for Intel for almost a month now. Many events took place, including the summer students' workshop of Intel, where interesting people gathered to talk about their scientific work. In addition to trainings and events from Intel, we visited a bunch of interesting places. Work in the summer school goes well with the rest, so there is no time to be bored and there is always something to do. For several weeks I was working on my task as part of a team and am glad that we managed to fulfill the first part of the plan. We made a program that needs to be parallelized. Now the most interesting has begun - the use of parallel technologies in practice. I think that the remaining time in the summer school of Intel will be just as productive, and now it is a pity that time flies so fast. ”

Olga Zoteeva, Nizhny Novgorod site, Samara, SSAU:

“For me personally, this time flew by unnoticed, like a month has passed, and it seems that one day. There was a lot of everything, work, rest, a hostel, conversations in the kitchen and on the balcony ... Trainings are a separate topic, on the one hand they interfere with work, on the other hand a lot of useful and interesting things can be heard. Of course, I remember the seminar of schoolchildren and the subsequent trip to Gorodets, if you do not pay attention to the smoke. Nizhny Novgorod, if you have this every summer so, sincerely sympathize!
There are so many impressions that you cannot describe everything, so I apologize for the cruelty. ”

Danil Skachkov, Novosibirsk website:

"Hello! That was half of the Summer School of Intel 2010. During this seemingly short amount of time, a lot of interesting and wonderful events happened that started with a wonderful Cake.
Let's start with the fact that within the framework of the Intel Summer School we listened to a large number of interesting webinars and trainings, where we met both the latest trends of Intel processor technologies and the fundamentals of the art of optimization. The speed of execution in Intel is devoted a lot (if not everything at all). The fastest processor, The most optimizing compiler, The fastest library for engineering calculations, The fastest development of the Fastest applications and. etc. The words "The Fastest" can rightly be considered the slogan of the company.
Also, electronic trainings were held on corporate culture, anti-corruption, protection of personal information. All this is necessary to acquaint schoolchildren with the internal atmosphere of the company (very favorable), its internal order and attitude towards employees.
Of course, in the intervals between classes, we did not forget about our projects! ( and some even during classes ) And in the middle of school we can boast some results of work.
I was given a free moment to visit the Competence Center for High Performance Computing of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences-Intel, where I finally found out what tasks require such enormous computing power. And even, as it turned out, the existing teraflops are still not enough for some modeling tasks. And of course, we were shown a real “live” cluster, which, well, it was impossible not to take a picture

The celebration of the Day of the Airborne Forces of the System Administrator, which took place on the shores of the Ob Sea, with the company of Siberian System Administrators did not pass us by.
We also managed to attend the presentation of Oracle products, which was held for the Summer School of Technopark of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, where the presentation that started very formally at the end turned into friendly gatherings with contests and songs with a guitar.
In general, the past week Schools have flown by for us fun and at ease! Thanks to all the organizers and participants! "
Dmitry Marin, Intel Nizhny Novgorod Office, Educational Institution: Ufa State Aviation Technical University:

“A month has passed to work at Intel, and everything is still interesting and new around. I have not yet met such a company, properly organized in my opinion. During this month, we have made great progress in implementing our project, working in collaboration with specialists, studied many technologies and put them into practice. A summer school seminar was held both this and previous years, where they met interesting people and their scientific activities in their universities. There were also many interesting lectures, seminars, and trainings on various topics, in which company employees shared their knowledge and experience. As for the latter, I would like to mention separately - here you can calmly turn to a specialist with a question and he will answer you. ”

Ilya Kryukov Nizhny Novgorod website, Educational institution: Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. R.E. Alekseeva:

“A month has passed in the global company Intel! During this time, many interesting webinars and trainings have been heard - a sea of ​​useful information that can only be obtained here. From the first days I liked the office, but it’s not a place that paints a person, but a person does, a place, so I want to note that we have top-level specialists who are dedicated to their work and are ready to share their experience with the younger generation.
Most of all remember the last event - Intel Student Seminar, held in the walls of the Nizhny Novgorod office of Intel. We came to visit the guys from other sites - Moscow, St. Petersburg and summer schoolchildren of previous years, as well, there were participants from Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, they joined us by conference call. All made reports on their research papers and who does what. With my scientific leader Olga Khvostova (summer schoolgirl of 2007), I talked about the topic of our research. I met with the guys, showed them the sights of the city. We will definitely continue to communicate further, and even cooperate with some (hello Shamakina Nastya)!
Intel is a great place to work, study and research! ”

And lastly, a few group photos:
Evgeny Migunov, Moscow site:

“First of all, I would like to say that in the Summer School it is very interesting to work with real projects, to see their interaction and the result of their work already. Just what was new and very pleasant is a comfortable atmosphere in the team. During the month, I managed to communicate with a lot of interesting people. Quite often webinars are held, from which you take useful knowledge. It was fascinating to go to the seminar of the Summer School in Nizhny Novgorod, meet other “schoolchildren”, see another city, and also meet your birthday on the train
The most difficult thing in the Summer School is to get used to the new terminology, both in the working environment and simply in communication. ”



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