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Ritmix is ​​not just mp3 players

But also a DVD. For me, for example, it was a revelation that in addition to good audio equipment, this company also produces DVD players. Of course, I could not resist and decided to test one of the devices, and provide a review to you so that you know the "beast" in person if you see it in stores.

In order not to be unsubstantiated, I will immediately provide technical characteristics:

What struck after opening the box was the abundance of accessories to the player. You will seldom meet that in a delivery set there were also a cover and various wires and adapters.

So, included:

Agree, the list is worthy, because in fact, if you buy this player right before you go somewhere, then it already has everything you need to get rid of boredom on the road. Unless there are no movie discs, but there is a TV.


The player looks quite ascetic. Gray, folding, in general, the most common compact DVD player. In my opinion, the 8 "screen is still a bit small for comfortable viewing of films, but perhaps this is a matter of taste and vision. On the player’s dashboard there are a lot of control buttons with which you can do everything without using the remote.

By the way, on the remote there are a few more buttons to control the TV.

From below, it looks normal, except that the big button for removing the battery is a bit scary. Although, during use, it has never been falsely pressed.

The antenna extends from behind and bends in all directions.

As for the side panels on which the connectors are usually located, then everything is just like that.

I think that the explanation of where the connector will be superfluous, because so everything can be seen in the photo and the benefit is not very much. A little upset only the presence of only one USB port, because sometimes a movie in 2 parts and write down on 2 flash drives. But, this is my whim, rather than necessity. Do not be intimidated by the “microphone” input of the antenna, especially for this there is an adapter to a regular coaxial.


I apologize in advance for the quality of the photo.

Although the screen is too small, but everything can be seen on it fairly well (although my crooked hands could not convey this in the photo). Because of this, even films in poor quality become easily distinguishable. The player accepts all well-known video file formats, and also reads all discs (both licensed and not so). Of course, this Ritmix can read flash drives, play music, photos and videos from them.

As for the built-in TV tuner, it works quite well. Of course, the built-in antenna is not enough to receive a high-quality signal, especially indoors. But, in nature, everything looks acceptable, albeit with interference. And if you connect an external antenna, then everything becomes generally wonderful.

The menu is completely Russified, so that everyone can figure it out. Yes, now any typical player is Russified, but the last time I didn’t deal with such an instance, so for me it was a surprise and a pleasant one.

The price of the player is adequate - in the region of 4500 p. For players in this price niche, it meets all the requirements and even has a bit more options.

The time of work disappointed me, it was enough for me only to watch a standard 1.5-hour film, but this is not the case, because on the road you need at least 4-5 hours.


+ Package
+ Abundance of formats
+ Good color rendering
+ Tv tuner
+ Russified menu

- Small screen
- Simple design
- Short time

In general, the Ritmix DVD player has a right to exist! Small, convenient, efficient, inexpensive, plays all formats, has a TV set and good equipment. What else do you need for the player? Perhaps nothing. In its class, it is very similar to its counterparts, although it has differences that can be seen upon detailed analysis. Of course, there are some disadvantages, such as a small screen, small battery capacity and other trifles. As for the rest, this is a worthy model of the player, which is useful on the road and will help pass the time. I liked it, but my eyesight does not allow me to stare at a small monitor for a long time. =)

Have a great weekend!

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