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Google Live Search: searches as you type

Google is testing a new feature in the search interface of a familiar page. A new feature allows you to download search results as you type your query. Now you don’t have to press Enter each time to process a search query, because Google will always produce results.

An interesting feature that makes it possible to search on the Internet even faster, but it would not turn out that it will only shatter. Google’s idea is clear - turn the search box into a query builder for instant search.

Video (HD version of the video - here ):

The function is not yet available through Google Labs, but you can try a similar function in the Google Alerts service. Type a few words, click on "see results" and now every time you make changes in your search query, Google Alerts updates the results in real time. The Keyboardr service has a similar functionality, a site that uses the Google AJAX API to display results as the search query is typed.

In addition, some people noticed another innovation. When you go to a Google page and write your search query, the search bar moves to the top of the page, and the search results appear as below, as usual. To disable the new interface there will be a "turn off sreaming" link next to the search line.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102340/

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