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Internet in the country

Perhaps the article was a bit late, I started writing it back in the spring, but since the summer season is not over, I hope it has not lost its relevance. Well, or useful next year.

Disclaimer: I am not a physicist or a nuclear scientist, I can judge about antennas and radio signals only by half-forgotten university knowledge and popular science articles, so if you notice an inaccuracy somewhere or a wrong term, let me know, I will correct it.

You do not have time to blink an eye, as spring comes, and after it summer. So, you should follow the proverb, based on harsh life experience:
“Prepare a sleigh in the summer and a cart in the winter”

In the summer you should roast in the sun and use fresh cucumbers-tomatoes violently, which is extremely difficult to do in the city. One way out of the situation is to break away from the chair and drag your bones to nature, the country house, the village. But the difficult socialist past did not involve the wiring of telephone lines in the muddy forest, therefore, the Internet is difficult to find there. To live without daily trips on Vkontakte and flipping through the cozy ZheZhechki is hard today.
Here OpSosy come to our aid and with their tempting offers to take the Internet straight from the air by sticking a decorated stick into a free laptop slot.

Last summer I bought this lure and conducted an experiment. But, as it turned out, in the deaf Mari forests of the Internet, it is not even caught in the air. That is, the modem flashes with lights, says that the network is, that is, it is not there.

So, it is necessary to put a more severe bait, so that the Internet comes and does not leave anywhere else, and remains in the modem. As semolina is, as usual, the phallic symbol external antenna.

The fact is that an adapter is required to connect an external antenna to a modem, and it is not easy to find it. For my Huawei E160G, I could only find two, one of the Euroset deposits, the other ordered via the Internet from China.

With all this, if you google it, you can note that the model of the modem in the west is very popular and Chinese manufacturers literally flooded the market with antennas designed for direct connection to the modem. And there are very interesting solutions, like this - the antenna clinging to the lid of the laptop. But we live in Russia, so we will build on our realities.

Thus, we need three components for high-quality Internet in the country

I will look at everything in my example last year.

About modem

I purchased the modem from Megafon (painted in green Huawei e160g).

The stick is very pleasant, smooth, with a lid for the usb port. From the end there is a slot for microsd cards, and most importantly, the connector for the antenna class "mother".

Pro adapter

The connector is not standard, but the so-called CRC9 is an utterly tiny little one (if interested, it can be seen here more closely and in more detail ).

And the worst thing is that it is impossible to find an adapter for self-assembly in our area under it - at least it did not work for me. Although, at that time I was on the Internet and I was combing the Chip and Deep assortment.

So, we must either find a suitable adapter from other phones, or order a specialized one via the Internet.

I walked both ways. For the first time, by going around 10 Eurosets, I found a suitable adapter for the Sony Z5 (as always, thanks to the all-knowing Internet sites)

Of course, in this year 2010, merchants have already felt the vein and started actively selling adapters in RuNet for 300-500 rubles each , and the most greedy (see the site repiteri.ru ) poke them in as many as 1000 rubles. But, for example, I bought an adapter for Sony in the same Euroset for 90 rubles.

Now about the Chinese stores. With them, too, everything is simple, the only thing you need is a plastic card, a level not lower than Visa Classic, an account on PayPal, knowledge of English and a little patience to wait for the parcel to arrive. I ordered here .

A very high quality adapter arrived, cable and connectors are undoubtedly better than those purchased in Euroset.

Also, let's say you already have a modem, but there is no jack for an external antenna. In this case, you need a so-called universal adapter. I did not try them myself, but I can’t say anything about the performance either. I saw two types of them - a Chinese clothespin.

And domestic production company BEST, such as "piece of iron that is attached to the phone or modem"

With the adapter, we figured out, well, or in the process of waiting for the parcel.

About the antenna

Now we need an antenna. Here the choice will be richer than with adapters. It all depends on the thickness of your wallet and the frequency that you want to increase (GPRS / EDGE or 3G). As you know, these standards operate at different frequencies, respectively, they need different antennas.
Since, in our forests, 3G didn’t smell, I took the Russian-made BEST AKL-900 OMNI omnidirectional antenna.

Why did I make such a choice? In my opinion, this antenna fit my requirements

Where and how to get an antenna?

Again, your choice is quite diverse - from Euroset to distant China.
But I, nevertheless, would not recommend purchasing accessories of this kind in chain stores. Firstly, because there they sell remarked Chinese goods, and secondly, they sell it at very inflated prices. So, my advice to you, buy an antenna or in specialized stores for the sale of radio equipment, or order via the Internet. Personally, I purchased my antenna at the Digital Angel store. According to my criteria, this store was highly appreciated, qualified phone managers, a rich assortment and adequate couriers, what else do you need from an online store? Of course, prices are slightly higher than average, but the choice is rich.

If there is a desire to save money and there is a stock of time, then you can order an antenna from Chinese stores. Immediately it is worth noting that we will have to wait from three weeks.

Stores I checked:

In Chinese stores, I recommend focusing on directional antennas such as YAGI, it is on them that you can significantly win prices.

About assembly

We proceed to the assembly design. We will need
  1. Insulating tape
  2. USB extension cable

Connect the antenna adapter to the modem and fasten the connector with electrical tape. Modem jacks are very fragile, so there is a risk of tearing the jack, or in the worst case, breaking the modem board.

Screw the antenna wire to the other end of the adapter.

Connect the modem to the computer and mark the signal level. If it remains unchanged, then take the antenna in hand and walk around the room. If the level does not change, then you need to find a place for the antenna outside the room. I had to do just that. Installed the antenna at the highest point next to the window.


Just for this you need a high-quality USB extension cable. Take a USB extension cable of no more than 3 meters, for wires with a length of 5 meters you will need an active USB hub, since the computer may not have enough power for the modem. In the photo, just, you can see a 3-meter USB extension cable

Well, the result of this whole process should be five brisk sticks in the signal level!

About alternative

Suppose that we have a limited budget (it is not possible to order antennas for 2000 rubles over the Internet), or we could not find a universal adapter for a modem without an antenna connector. In that case, you have two ways.

The first path - satellite

We will need a satellite dish. Yes, yes, an ordinary satellite dish, without a converter and other accessories for television.

I purchased a Supral plate with a diameter of 0.55 m of Ulyanovsk production (oh! Again, a domestic producer. Faith grows stronger) of the Almet plant . I took the antenna in this store for 400 rubles.

We will make of it a reflector. Also prepare a plastic tube with a diameter of 7-8 cm, gray adhesive tape or electrical tape, USB extension cable and plastic clamps. And of course, you will need a set of keys and pliers for assembling the antenna itself.

We fix the tube where the converter should be, stretch the USB extension cable to it, simultaneously tightening it with clamps and eventually we should have a similar design.

You can screw the antenna on the wall of the house, or come up with some ingenious rack for home conditions. Do not forget that if you want to leave the structure on the street, the modem must be isolated from the rain and other bad weather, at least with an ordinary fingertip or a condom.

A good description of the manufacture of similar capital construction can be found here .

The second way - patented

For lazy people or people who do not have time, the Saratov plant “Remo” (openly, local people do it again) came up with an excellent solution - Connect reflector , with a proud inscription on the box “Protected by the RF patent”. The design is a reflector on a stand with a USB extension cable.

Despite the apparent simplicity, gives excellent results. In the same area where I suffered from an external antenna, I gave 4 sticks out of 5 with a zero signal. So, we plug the modem into the slot, put the antenna on the windowsill and enjoy the Internet. The only disadvantage of such a solution is that there is little where you can find this antenna. I know for sure that in Kazan (I myself am Kazan) it can be purchased here . In Moscow, I saw only on one site and terribly overpriced.

About the results

First of all, I would like to note the fact that all antennas are made in the vastness of our country and with a very decent quality.
Secondly, of course, signal amplification in country conditions is not limited to the above methods. Do not forget about the active GSM signal amplifier, and very interesting devices like this .
Thirdly, if you have a proven method for summer residents, be sure to share it in the comments.

And, of course, if you have questions - write!

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