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Yandex.Money, SMS-Info and Bank Otkrytie - A Story of Own Experience

In the next article I would like to share my experience of using the opening of the Otkritie Bank card and the Yandex.Money wallet. I hope that it will help someone and save a certain amount of nerve cells.
I have been using the binding service for exactly 2 years. Almost immediately, after entering this service, I specifically started my first bank card in my life and connected it to my wallet.

And now, two years have passed, and it is time to change the card to a new one. I heard about the fact that I had to go to the bank in advance, but I, as usual, pulled to the last. Untied the wallet from the card, came to the bank three weeks before the end of the card’s validity period and asked me to make a new one. With me, the girl issued Visa Unembossed for 20 minutes and I was glad to go home to wait for activation and go on with an ATM. It was necessary to conjure, because for the new plastic all services, except for the Internet bank, need to be reconnected.

SMS info

A little distracted from the topic with Yandex. My first problems started after I activated the sms-notification service about transfers and debits. They simply did not come. I wrote in support of the mail, whose address is listed on the main page of the bank, but did not wait for an answer. By mail silent from August 16 to today. A few hours later I called to find out if there were any technical works, because of which SMS may not work. After talking for about five minutes, we found out that I forgot to disconnect the service from the first card, and I did not attach the same phone number to the second one, even though I received a check from an ATM about successful connection. As a result, I had to go back to the bank branch, where I was quickly done and notifications started coming.
Moral - do not forget to turn off the SMS-info service before receiving a new card, if you want to receive information on the same phone number.

Yandex money

The second pleasure was waiting for me already with this service. I tried to tie my old wallet tied to the first card to the new card three times, but
I did not work out a bit. The ATM stubbornly issued: "The account already exists." He approached a bank employee, complained and received a rather amusing response, which stunned me. I was told that this account, which I have been using since 2006, I will no longer be able to tie to any card of their bank. Saddened by this turn of events, I wrote a letter to Yandex.Money. They answered quickly enough:
The Bank has such a policy, according to which they do not have a single card for one account.
connect. From our side there are no obstacles to this. We know of cases
when the bank went to meet the client and made a binding. We are sure that you
can solve this issue with the bank.

Having received a drop of hope, I called the bank support service, where I had long and stubbornly sought mercy. Everything was in vain: the girl on the other end did not give up. There was nothing left but to create a new wallet, which successfully connected to the new card. But there was one more trifle. There is an electronic token attached to my old wallet, which I really didn’t want to lose (nevertheless it costs 700 rubles). I wrote again that I could not go to a meeting and make it possible to transfer a token to a new wallet, due to such circumstances. They replied that they sent my request to an employee who handles such cases. A response letter from a competent person came after 3 days:
Unfortunately, the bank did not provide you with the correct information.
An old wallet can be tied to a new card only when the old card
transferred to the "canceled" status.
Your old card, according to information received from the bank, is in the status
"Canceled" from XX / XX / 2010.
Try it, everything should work out.

My joy knew no bounds. Immediately I went to the ATM and within ten minutes I started using the service on my old wallet.

image Epilogue

For all 4 years of active use of the Yandex.Money wallet, I didn’t have any problems at all. The current situation was the first and she did not overshadow my impression of the service. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of the support of the payment system, and the employees of Otkritie Bank to express a big “phi” for not knowing about their own working mechanisms.

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