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Minecraft - your personal sandbox

For Habré for some reason there is still no post about Minecraft. Perhaps we need to correct this omission.

What is Minecraft? This is a sandbox game in which the whole world consists of blocks. Each block has its own texture and properties. For example, there are blocks of stone, earth, etc. Players can put and destroy blocks, thus building everything your heart desires. In general, Minecraft gameplay for the most part consists of construction. After all, you can build anything. You can even draw pixel art from different colored blocks.
Minecraft is written in Java by Markus Persson, also known by the nickname "Notch". There are two versions - Minecraft Classic, in which you can only build, and Minecraft Alpha, which is currently in development and has much more features than Classic. For example, there appeared animals and monsters, day and night, blocks now have to get hands (unlike Classic, where blocks are infinite) and even craft useful items from them, for example, tools, weapons or something else, etc. . Also an important feature of alpha is that the map there is essentially infinite, i.e. it is generated as the player moves through it. You can even just walk around the map, enjoying the beautiful scenery.


In general, the game is like a Robinson simulator. You are “planted” on a randomly generated island, and you have to earn your own food, build a house, then fight off the monsters at night ... You can even grow wheat, cacti and bamboo.

In both versions, there is multiplayer, but only in alpha it is a bit flawed, but is in active development. Collective building is quite interesting, I would say. In alpha multiplayer, there are still no monsters and it is quite buggy, but when it is completed, it will be possible to play full cooperative survival. It would be fun to sit in a pile in a fortress besieged by monsters and pour lava and arrows on their heads from above :)


However, you have to pay for the pleasure. In Classic you can play for free, but Alpha will have to buy for 9.95 euros. But believe me, it's worth it.

If you are interested in the game, go to the offsite game - minecraft.net . They will learn more about the game, you can create an account and play the classic version, and if you like it, buy Alpha. You can also take a look at the only stronghold (in Russia the game is not very popular, yes) of the Russian community - minecrafting.ru . There you can find useful articles, addresses of Russian servers and a lot more then good.

UPD: Oh, I forgot the screens.

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