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Apple patents remote shutdown of jailbreak devices

On August 19, Apple filed a patent application titled "SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR IDENTIFYING UNAUTHORIZED USERS OF AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE" . In short, the essence of the patent is the ability to disable or limit the functionality of devices that fall under the terms of "unauthorized" or "suspicious" actions. The patent is controversial: among the standard “suspicious” actions (the difference between the owner of the phone and the current user, etc.) there are also unlocking and jailbreak.

Free translation of the application summary :
The patent is mainly aimed at identifying unauthorized users. In some implementations, an unauthorized user of an electronic device may be identified by a certain activity, which may indicate suspicious behavior, in some, by comparing the current user with the owner of the device. When an unauthorized user is identified, you can apply different security measures. For example, information about the current user, the actions of this user, or the location of the device may be collected. Or the functionality of the device may be limited. In some implementations, the owner of the electronic device may be notified of an unauthorized user by sending an alert, for example, via e-mail, voice mail or text message.
4th point of the application :
4. If you’re trying to make it out of the box, you’ll be a synced device.

Considering the recent news - “Vulnerability in Apple iOS 4 allows attackers to remotely execute any code,” such protection is likely to occur, since it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to determine a malicious hack has been performed or it is just a jailbreak by the user. In such cases, it would probably be worthwhile to limit the functionality of the device, for example, by restricting access to user data or unauthorized reception / transmission of data.

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