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Dissent card

Each person has his own opinion on almost everything that surrounds him - his own view of people, of goods, of services. If a person does not have an opinion on something, then it is something he, most likely, does not need or care about. What am I talking about? In our gToday project , we want to collect your opinions. Opinions about the mobile Internet, which is used by a lot of habrauser.
Triji and Cheredreji
We consider each of these opinions to be special, thereby compiling a " Map of Consent Opinions ." Having collected a large number of records, each user will be able to see the availability of operators in a particular area, and these will be the opinions of living people, and not a “computer simulated map that does not take into account urban development” (a phrase from the site of one of the operators accompanying the coverage map).

What is the "Minority Card"?

At the moment this is a map from Google, where you can leave tags.


When you put a label, we are trying to determine your carrier. At the moment we will know the following operators:


Beeline / Beeline WiFi / Comstar / Megafon / MTS / SkyLink / Tascom (MTS WiFi) / Yota

St. Petersburg

Beeline / Megafon / MTS / TELE2

Unfortunately, as long as we know the ranges of IP addresses of operators only for Moscow, and that is solely on our own experience - about this problem at the very end, but we hope other cities are on the way.


So, after the operator is determined, the data transfer rate (outgoing and incoming) is measured.
While speed is measured, you can and should leave your own comment. This comment is needed primarily for other users.
We save data. And here it is - a special opinion is ready!


Opinions on the map are the logos of operators. It is possible to filter by operator, by city, by date. You can comment on each opinion, entering into polemics or asking questions to the person who left the opinion.

Speed ​​measurement technique

We measure the speed of data transmission from the user and to him from our server, which is located in Telehouse Caravan - next door are Habrahabr and Robokassa servers) The influence of factors inside the DC is minimized due to the guaranteed data transfer bandwidth of 100Mbps.
The important point is that the speed is measured without a flash, which means that soon we will be able to add normal support for the iPhone and iPad.

Well, again, only Moscow. What about $ my_city?

Actually, to answer this question, we need your help - if the operators do not want to provide the necessary information, then we will try to do everything on our own. To add your city $ we need the following data:

- IP address (at least one)
- Operator name
- Operator's site
- Based on what technology is the wireless access service

So province users are more welcome than ever!


Open from your mobile phone m.gtoday.ru and we will try to identify your operator. If we have defined it incorrectly, or do not know at all, you will be asked to fill in the name of the operator and the city. And after a while we will add this information to the map.

Criticism and suggestions

Of course, in the project and in the map itself there are a lot of shortcomings (and where are they not?), But we are more than adequate about healthy criticism and suggestions - write, we want to become better and more convenient!

PS: Our girls-helpers Trijee and Chetyreji are in the photo before the kata, one of which conducts the project’s twitter) If you wish, you can easily find a link to it.

Good luck and thanks for your help!
Happy friday

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