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“Svyaznoy-Club” MasterCard and “Corn” Euroset - failure with paypal

I would like to warn people who are going to buy something on e-bay or pay for other services through paypal - be careful.
The Svyaznoy Club, the sensational at one time, MasterCard and Kukuruza gained quite a few users, due to the price and ease of use to pay for the Internet.
Recently, a tendency has become noticeable that Russian banks forcibly require a CVC code, otherwise the payment is considered not trusted and does not pass authorization, and paypal cannot disclose such information due to its agreement with the European Bank:

Mr. please be advised that we received many contacts regarding
this issue. We know what Russian bank start using additional
security check which asks PayPal when we proceed with payment to Provide
CVC or CVV2 code in order to authorize payments. At this stage because we
We have not to send the security code. I
I would like to let you know forwarded
technical department in order to allow you to proceed with payment. I believe
we will fix this problem as soon as possible.

So people are sitting at the broken trough with unpaid lots, waiting for the weather by the sea.
There is not a single line on the coherent website about this is said, as if nothing terrible is happening, though it is impossible to get through to the call center. Well, at least they promised that they would fix it tomorrow (yesterday, however, they said the same thing). But on the site of corn they immediately added to the FAQ , though they have not so much optimism:
At the moment, work to solve this problem is underway. We hope in two months to please you with the news that payments with the card "CORN" in the payment system PayPal are allowed. Follow the news on the site.

And yet, who to believe? Does anyone have information about the terms, so to speak, first-hand?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102274/

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