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German activists take pictures of houses removed from Google Street View

German photographer and IT consultant Jens Best wants to personally take pictures of all the houses whose owners have asked to remove them from Google Street View. He is going to put these pictures on Picasa with the GPS coordinates of each building, and then make a layer for Google Maps.

Jens believes that on the Internet "we should have the same rights as in the real world: our right to take panoramic pictures, for example, or the right to take pictures in public places - both of these rights guarantee us the freedom to take photos of surrounding objects." Jens has already found about 200 people who are willing to help him in this initiative.

This project is fully consistent with the spirit of modern times. Are you hiding your name? Are you hiding your house? So you will be branded with shame and you will become an outcast of society. Hundreds of activists will specifically seek out and photograph such technophobes like you. Do not even think about hiding.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102269/

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