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Intel, as previously reported, bought McAfee. I wonder why?

Perhaps, indeed, Intel simply invested in a growing market - as written in all press releases. Or maybe there is something more? How about a small revolution in the computer world and the information security industry?

About Intel
Intel is constantly introducing new innovations, making people's lives more interesting, rich and comfortable. Our work never stops. We constantly strive for new advances in technology, education, culture, production and social responsibility. And we always try to create solutions that will benefit all of humanity.

What can and does Intel? Well, the most famous is the processors. Chipsets. Wireless and wired network controllers. Solid state hard drives. What does Intel not do? Intel, for example, does not know how to make antivirus software.
But Intel went and bought McAfee, who knows how to make anti-virus products. And McAfee, like other companies involved in computer security, is engaged in research in this area, and patents the technology developed. A list of obtained patents can be found on the USPTO.gov website. But remembering that Intel produces iron, we narrow the search a bit. There are some interesting results, for example, an anti-virus scanner built into the network adapter . In general, digging in patents, you can dig up a lot of interesting things. For example, here is an excellent patent application: a system and method for implementing content and network security in a chip . The inventor is Shlomo Touboul, who is also the founder of Yoggie, which produced coprocessors that ensure the fulfillment of security tasks and who used McAfee technology . The coprocessor was inserted into the PCIe slot instead of the Intel Intel WiFi adapter . Now Yoggie has not mastered the search for investors and has fallen into deep hibernation in the hope that someone will invest in the future.

Here is some kind of picture and develops. Maybe the acquisition of McAfee is really just an investment, and maybe not so simple.

But you guys, do not forget that everything is already invented before us :-)

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