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Not just an electronic currency exchange

Good day dear.

Yesterday what they say - it dawned Many of you must have come across a hemorrhoid called "exchange one e-currency for another."

That prohibits the exchange of WMR, then they demand to come to the office of a reputable company Yandex with a passport and an official statement, and working only on working days, until 18-00, if not mistaken.
And where is the honest taxpayer going? That's right, on the "flea market". “Aloe, nobody needs 1000 wmr by chance? I will exchange urgently at the rate of 1.1! ”- exclamations of poor fellows are heard here and there. And if "throw"?

All this frankly is not great. On the other hand, after all, transfers within the system are not subject to rabid duties? And then it seems to me dawned. The idea is so simple that I sincerely wonder why so far no one has implemented it. Probably there are some kind of pitfalls? I do not know. Description under the cut.


So, we get two wallets, in WMR and Ya.Menga, for example.
Further, the user 1 - the lucky owner of 100 WMR needing Ya. Money - simply transfers wmr to our wallet. Let's just call him a sucker.
At the same time, the user2, is in dire need of wmr and is the happy owner of 100 i.d. Let's call it for example, Petrosyan. So, Petrosyan is throwing 100 Ya. Money and waiting patiently - is there a sucker who needs money?

And at this time, somewhere in Uruguay - a patient bot scans both purses. “Oban - two idiot sent me money!” - as if the bot says. This would close the story, but then the end is too tragic. Let us have an honest bot. And he will simply transfer 100 rubles each from his wallets to those in need. Profit?

And if there is no money on the second purse? Well, then let the money automatically return to both owners, say in three days. It seems everything is just like two and two. You can even take five rubles for each successful transaction. Five rubles is not much - if you look at dragon courses of coin hunters. So here I am about what.

Maybe muddied such nonsense? Or are there nuances?

UPD : it was unexpectedly found out that a commission is also charged for transfers within the system, which makes it impossible to build an automated system based on netting (
On the other hand, building a semi-automated "crush", where a third party will be the guarantor of the translation - remains possible.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102249/

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