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I will find you by IP


There are often articles on various violations of the law, either by users or individuals, or by corporations or legal entities. Just as often, disputes arise, or rather even probably not disputes, but affirmative reviews about the work of law enforcement agencies, in particular on the territory of the Russian Federation, about their incompetence and sluggishness, laziness and tidiness in dealing with cases of violation of the rights of the ordinary citizen.

But my story is not about that. As well, and not that our police is good! The story of a lucky man who was lucky to use their services and get the desired result.

I received a link to this story directly from the person who helped the victim. The guy had his laptop stolen, on which, fortunately, the LogMeIn program was set up.

After that, the guys did not lose their head, but at first they rustled across the expanses of an infinite network, for which they received a couple of sensible advice .

Having collected a small baggage of knowledge, we began to act. As a result, thanks to LogMeIn, they managed to fix through which provider the machine goes online. It remains to prove that this is exactly the laptop, at least to see for yourself. We tried, according to the old scheme, to connect through the remote access program and log into our typewriter! But rejoice early. Too bad though there was no access to the webcam to photograph the culprit. But they did not need it.

Then, having recovered from the positive results, they followed the authorities that they were advised to visit. We collected all the documents on the laptop, on the advice of experienced copies, attached all the information on IP, as well as attached screenshots of the remote desktop, maybe it will come in handy.

Their application was naturally accepted. Then, for some time, the investigation went on, but everything ended, in the end, with a positive result. The police requested the residential address of the subscriber, which goes to the network with the same IP, and then the matter remains.

By the way, on the Internet, if you search, there are similar incidents in the world, albeit with alternate success:

Also, whoever wants, can help get on Habra Andrew (andre68@gmail.com), who directly helped in the search for a laptop, as he set it up and knew all the nuances.

PS There were amendments, in general, it was not IP.

PSS It is interesting to hear if anyone has any experience in using such fixings:
Will it help, and maybe already helped?

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102247/

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