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Elecrtolux Design Lab. 8 semi finalists

August is out, September is ahead, which means Electrolux will soon announce the winners of its Electrolux Design Lab. If someone does not know, let me remind you that every year Electrolux holds a competition for designers of household appliances with impressive cash prizes. Under the terms of the competition, participants must design (admittedly, “design” is too strong a word for concepts, but, nevertheless, household appliances, mass-produced in 2050).

At the moment, in the semi-final has made its 8th works. In September, only three of them will be chosen and the prizes will be solemnly awarded. Before this happens, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the current semifinalists, especially since there is something to see.

So, the inquisitive spectator, welcome under kat.

A small lyrical digression: I will not dwell in detail on each of the concepts: in most cases, it is enough just a schematic description to understand the proposed idea. If someone is interested in the details (and where there is something to talk about), I will post references to more detailed articles.


1. Virtual helmet for cooking (designer Daniel Dobrogorsky, Australia)

In 2050, we will live intimately, because we multiply terribly. As a result, having a kitchen in the apartment will become an unaffordable luxury. Instead, in each apartment there will be such a virtual helmet that allows you to cook in a common kitchen. And there already are cunning robots, obeying the power of thought ...

2. Portable heater (designer Peter Alvin, India)

The thing called by the author "snail" is a blotch on the dishes. We stick it with a pot of borscht (I hope there will still be borsch in 2050), the snail determines the contents of the dish and automatically adjusts the temperature and time of heating.

3. Modular kitchen (designer Matthew Gilbrid, USA)

According to Gilbrid, in the future, the kitchen will be assembled from modules. Each of these three-cornered structures can be a lamp, a refrigerator, a hob, or any other kitchen unit. Modules can operate both autonomously and coordinating their actions over a wireless network.
In more detail and in Russian here .

4. Bio-Refrigerator (designer Yuri Dmitriev, Russia)

The green something in the picture is a colony of bio-robots that cool your products. It is necessary to place the product in this jelly, as robots isolate it, determine the composition and select the appropriate temperature mode. Robots are powered by electric light and glow beautifully at night.
Again, in detail and in Russian here

5. Drying oven (designer Michael Idenius, Sweden)

As in the previous concept, it could not have done without nano-bio-bla-bla-bla ... In short, we have a wardrobe with individual compartments-sheets for clothes. The cabinet sucks air in, mixes dirt into it, and then drives the thread into the sheets, cleaning the clothes. Then the clothes are dried and pressed-ironed.
And again the details here

6. Washing machine and laundry basket in one bottle (designer Lichen Guo (sorry, I'm not strong in Chinese transcription, China)

The Chinese designer also thinks that in 2050 we will not be spoiled by large apartments and proposes to abandon washing machines. We will clean the dirty laundry into a special basket, and when it (the basket) is full, cling it to the wall (a special pin will stick there), after which it (again, the basket) will turn into a washing machine.

7. External refrigerator (designer Nicholas Hubert, France)

Having spent two years in northern China, Nikolai Hubert invented a retractable external (i.e., wall-mounted) refrigerator. At night and in cold weather, the fridge cools down food due to natural cold, during the day and in the summer it takes energy from the sun to cool the insides. In general, the new incarnation of the Khrushchev refrigerator.

8. Eco Dishwasher (Designer Ahi Andi Moshen, Iran)


And again fig future: food from food capsules, time worth its weight in gold, ecology is poor. Therefore, everyone and everyone will need a portable dishwasher. We put dirty plates into it, the machine (charged by solar batteries) washes them and processes the garbage into fertilizers for flowers and trees.
Details ... but in general, and so everything is clear.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102245/

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