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Augmented Reality Süddeutsche Zeitung

Bruce Sterling remarked that the new number of “Süddöyçe Zeitung” came out with illustrations, when pointing a mobile phone on which the augmented reality could climb (if you install the corresponding application). It looks like this:

The video is widescreen, and the video player in Habrahabr is not widescreen, so you may want to watch this video directly on YouTube .

It seems to me that, unfortunately, this technology is ahead of its time of the year by three, so it is absolutely ready to fall into the nasty trap of technological novelty. Few are able to observe it on the go, and therefore a kind of vicious circle is inevitably created: the pictures shown in additional reality are not very useful to the reader, because if they were useful and necessary, they would be placed directly in the magazine itself in order to intend them to the vast majority of readers. It is clear that the main mass of readers is not ready with a mobile phone with an augmented reality supervisor - and they are too lazy (or they don’t have time) to buy, download, install and contemplate. But just because the pictures are not very useful and necessary, no one is interested in buying, downloading, installing and contemplating. (Moreover, if they were too necessary, readers would protest massively: why, they say, impose unnecessary waste of time and money! And indeed ...)

The self-sustaining state of rarity and superficiality of the application of technology will, of course, be broken with time (as modern mobile phones and AR-programs spread in mobile phones), but not soon - and by that time AR-illustrations will firmly acquire the status of a secondary, third-rate, third-rate addition. to the magazine. And not even undesirable. (" Some little trash podnavali, not serious. Not for our esteemed publication. To lower the fool in the post, deprive the prize.")

It's a pity.
Bug on Habrahabr: under the blog recording, the label “Süddeutsche Zeitung” is divided into two (“S” and “ddeutsche Zeitung”). We'll have to replace “ü” with “ue” in the label.

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