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XBee API Mode LabView Framework

The video shows an example of working with XBee through LabView.
The example uses the LM60 sensor, data is taken from it built into the XBee ADC.
Communication takes place via the Xbee API protocol. To solve this problem there is a small framework that implements communication with the XBee-USB adapter via NI-VISA .

Explanation of the video:
1. The ADC module is connected (the LED is on - it means the device is not yet on the network)
2. The coordinator is connected (on both devices the LEDs blink, it means the network has been established).
3. Take the temperature sensor with your fingers - the temperature rises, release - decreases.
UPD: article is for informational purposes only. source is laid out .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102232/

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