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Ask a question to the Wikipedia management

Habralyudy had the opportunity to ask any question to the leading employees of Wikipedia! To do this, just post it on Twitter with the hashtag #harvest_ru. And our acquaintance in Silicon Valley, Andrei Aleksandrovich, will ask your question at a meeting with representatives of Wikipedia and publish the answer in his twitter account .

Now Andrew is being trained under the “RMA: Silicon Valley Trip 2010” program. And we, GreenfieldProject , asked him to address the questions you are interested in to the project managers with whom he will communicate. Today he will visit the office of Wikipedia.

Questions management Wiki accepted until the evening. And tomorrow morning, Andrew will publish the answers received. You have the opportunity to ask about what interests you and the time to write a message of 140 characters with the hashtag #harvest_ru .


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102218/

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