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5 things after scrum

Scrum (stand-up meeting, rus .: fly) - a daily meeting for the project team.
(the translation is passed through the prism of my perception, although I do not agree with something)

The first is “complexity.” Anything that causes difficulties, interference and hinders the progress towards the goal should be studied and deleted after the flyers. Adjail uses the “theory of limitations” described by Eli Goldratt, in which the manager must remove any obstacles to the team. The manager must make a TO-DO task list after each flyer.

The second is “deviation from the plan . If you have planned for the task for 2 days, and the 4th day has already gone and the end is not visible, you should start to understand. If the fly is short today, you can immediately try to understand why not? Ask the question - what are the difficulties? But the best alternative would be to discuss immediately after the flyers. It is necessary to understand: is it a bad assessment, or an evil problem, or a sign from above, that you need help, and should anyone else be connected? A single case is not a problem, it is isolated. The art of the master to see the dynamics, the repeatability of the problem is a sign of the search for a deep problem. Also, if the entire planned iteration miraculously ended in one day. Try to change the goals of the iteration, and maybe turn on testing, acceptance tests and navigate to the delivery of the project a month earlier.
The third is “emotions.” Notice what was said and was not. Was anyone angry or upset. Was there a tension that would be nice to understand. Maybe someone was below the water and below the grass? All these tips to say a word after the fly. It is also a hardship for progress, like any obvious things (see clause 1). Sometimes you don’t even need to solve anything, the main thing is to listen, and the solution itself can come (and this will sometimes allow Udalians to write more code ... buggy!)

The fourth is “questions . You may not have fully entered into questions and problems during the fly. If the clarifying questions made more confusion than clarification - a sure way to talk after the fly (earlier when I was a developer, I quickly got into all these technical problems, now I became a program manager and I need to chew on the shelves; besides, I I received a PMP certificate and can show that for me now I need to chew everything on m-dl-eo-n). We can not fix what we do not understand. A lot of things in the design grow out of technical problems, but when escalation and elimination is required (and this is my job) I need to be up to date to find the best solution.

The fifth is “confession.” The work eventually turns into boring weeks, months or projects. Look for ways to express recognition for the work done, significant events or the completion of the next step. We must support the motivation of people so that we all have enough strength to deal with difficulties. The best way to celebrate the progress and contribution of each. It may just be a spiritual thank you for what people have done for the project, and maybe a nice lunch, and all sorts of trinkets. That is the difference between the kamikaze team and just a good team.

Today it is the 5th most, tomorrow they may be different.

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