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Russian market of computer games in 2006

There is a suspicion that the annual PC Games sales rating given below in Russia is today the most objective of all openly published ones. Publishers traditionally use it in assessing their position in the market. This year, we explicitly indicated to everyone his place with an accuracy of 1%. "From infa?"
From one of the largest regional distributors. Selling more than 1 million licensed discs per year in nine regions of the Russian Federation, we simultaneously conduct a simple market monitoring. So ... Ten of the top-selling PC games in 2006
Rating is built on the total number of copies sold since the release of the game. Dark gray in the diagram highlights the share of sales in the first 2 weeks after the release.
one.Heroes of Might and Magic V (Nival)
2Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Akella)
3Lada Racing Club (New Disc)
four.The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (1C)
five.In the rear of the enemy 2 (1C)
6Gothic 3 (GFi / Russobit-M)
7Titan Quest (Buka)
eight.FlatOut 2 (Buka)
9.Prey (1C)
ten.SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars (GFi / Russobit-M)
1. The first, third, fifth and ninth places were taken by the games created by Russian developers. The rest are localized versions.
2. By the way, according to the company-developer Gelios Media , published on DTF, the total sales of the game Lada Racing Club in Russia and the near abroad at the beginning of December reached 300 thousand licensed copies. (Interested parties can make simple proportions.)

Market structure of PC games and home software for PC
Shares of publishers in total cash proceeds for 2006 Market structure of PC games in 2006 Top 10 Russian Publishers (in brackets, changes relative to the 2005 rating)
one.1C26 %
2New Disk23 % (+ 7%)
3↑ 2Beech tree12 % (+ 2%)
four.Akella11 %
five.↓ 2Russobit-M10 % (-6%)
6Softclub *6 % (+ 1%)
7Nival Interactive4 % (+ 4%)
eight.IDDK2 % (-2%)
9.↓ 2MediaHouse2 % (-2%)
ten.↓ 1Media20001 % (-2%)
* Strictly speaking, the company Softklab is not a publisher, but an exclusive importer and / or distributor of products of some western labels (for example, localized Electronic Arts games are taken into account of Softklab

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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/1022/

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