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The city of Leon, Mexico, will become "the safest city in the world"


How do you ask? Yes, everything is simple, and the methods of ensuring such security have been described more than once and not both in popular science journals and in science fiction. The fact is that this city will be one big experiment in which every inhabitant will be automatically monitored. Not in the sense that any spy will be assigned to each resident. No, citizens of the city receive biometric passports, and the settlement itself will be shrouded in hundreds of kilometers of optics, and literally stuffed with tracking equipment (for example, retina scanners). Plus, a centralized database will be created, which will contain information about each resident of the city.

This is what the official press release of the company “Every citizen, place or thing on this planet will be connected to our system for 10 years,” says. In general, somehow not very kindly sounds. Security, of course, is highly welcomed, but not by the same methods. Project developers, American company Global Rainmakers Inc. (GRI) and Portoss of Mexico say that "If you are a shop-nesting person, if you enter any store, the guards will receive full information about you, if you are a criminal, you will not be able to get on board the aircraft." In general, everything is in the spirit of security. It is clear that the data will be collected not only with respect to criminals, but also ordinary, law-abiding citizens. After all, they will register everyone and everything, at every turn.
The creators of the project believe that the speed of the automatic monitoring systems based on the reading of a retina map allows to introduce such a system everywhere.

The city itself is located two hours south of Guadalajara. The project developers believe that its implementation will make Leon one of the most important regions of the country, where a long-awaited monitoring system has been implemented (did you wait for it? Personally, I don’t).

In general, everything goes somehow not very fun. Of course, we all “shine” at every step, whether it is payment by credit card or sending a message to Twitter with the geographic coordinates of the place where we are at the moment. But such information can somehow be controlled, but the US-Mexican system is impossible. She controls everyone herself, every day, every minute ...

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