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Google's App Store for the Web - an exact copy of Apple's App Store


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In October of this year, Google is going to launch its Chrome Web Store, which will allow users to buy premium-class web applications (and developers will provide a convenient way to sell their products). To be sure that users will be most comfortable using the new service, Google developers draw inspiration from the best analogues. But the best thing to call it “like tracing paper”: the new Google service looks exactly like Apple's App Store.

The above photo, which was taken by a 1up.com correspondent during one of the latest gaming conferences, shows how much some of the interface elements look like: color panels with recommended applications on top, thumbnail images of logos below, the most popular applications on the right panel. The only noticeable differences are the left navigation pane and the screaming 'top rated' and 'hot games' headings, as well as the page for viewing a specific application:


On the other hand, copying under tracing paper is possible - a wise decision of specialists from Google. Chrome Web Store will only flourish if a lot of people buy games and apps in it and Google just gives people what they are familiar with.


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102193/

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