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Eight most necessary features to be implemented in µTorrent

In May of this year, voting on the most necessary features, which the torrent client lacks, began on the µTorrent website. From users received several hundred proposals, of which about 60 were accepted and implemented. Below is a comment on how things are on the most popular options.

1. µTorrent for Linux
With a huge margin in voting, the creation of a client for Linux won. He finally started doing in June. The developers say that they have already achieved a lot of progress and are asking to be patient: the release will be rolled out soon.

2. More accurate priorities for multiple files in each torrent
For individual files in the torrent (for example, 24 episodes in a TV series season) there are now only three priority options: low, medium and high. This is inconvenient if you want to download all the series in order. The developers promise that they will either add 16 degrees of priority, or they will make the feature of automatic priority of files in the order specified by the user.

3. Sending email when download is complete
Although the thickness of the channels from users is growing all the time, their appetites for content quality are growing even faster, so that the de facto downloads of torrents have not accelerated at all lately. Just before, we downloaded AVI at 720 MB, and now we are dragging a copy of DVD9 at 6.5 GB. Thus, sending notifications is relevant as before. According to the developers, the global plan for this feature is to create a common and uniform autorun mechanism for third-party applications at the end of the download. It is planned to add new options to the existing mechanism for selecting actions at the end of the download - and make it universal, so that the user can enter any script there.
4. Distribute files only when the computer is not in use.
Although many people stand on the distribution all the time, some prefer to donate a channel for torrents only in their absence, all the more so that, with illiterate settings, µTorrent is able to completely fill the channel and slow down other applications. The developers have promised that they will add the idle option to the schedule configurator.

5. Scan for viruses at the end of the download
Although it is harder to find viruses on large torrent trackers than on a regular web, anything happens. This option falls under the description of item 3 and will be implemented in the same way.

6. Password protection uTorrent
According to the developers, they integrate this feature into the hot key of the boss. If you press the key combination again, you will need to enter a password to enter the client.

7. Moving torrent files and data with one click
At the moment, the entire pile of files has to be moved manually, even if they are located in several folders, and the torrent files generally lie in a separate place.

The developers admitted that managing files with µTorrent is not doing well right now. They will try to implement this feature in version 2.2. In the Files menu, the Relocate command will be added, and the Set download location will be renamed, so that all the content can also be moved through it.

8. Unzipping and Moving Files
See point 3.

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