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35 lessons learned by age 35

Article translation: 35 Lessons in 35 Years
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My father always told me that the day we finish studying is the day of our death.
I wrote this to better prepare for my 35th birthday. Something written is touching, but something awfully banal. I believe that this article is a reflection of my sentimentality, which increases with age.

Let me introduce some of the hard lessons:

Opposite sex

Unrequited love is not like platonic.
People call passionate desire passionately justified.
Sometimes she just wants her to listen, and not offer solutions.


There are only a few things in life that are better than just being alone with your beloved.
Try your best to leave regret behind. Remember that your shortcomings are not as great as you can think.
Gloating is an indecent act, unless your friends are a bunch of sheep.
Spend time with good-looking guys.

Life experience

Cursing to shock it is trite. If you want to speak foul language then do it creatively and to the point.
Even atheism can be preached. The more you will give advice on how to live, the less will be willing to listen to you.
With age, you start to depend on a lot, and opportunities start to decrease. Try not to think about it negatively.
Meet someone who has overcome the addiction. It will change your view of the future.


If you can cook, experience the joy of cooking for others. If you can't, set the table.
Do not worry about culinary education. 2 weeks of work as a dishwasher in any decent restaurant will tell you all about this industry, and also help you to understand whether it is yours.
The worst kitchen can be improved by buying good knives. Buy one at a time learning how to use them.
Food is not a fashion or lifestyle, avoid dinners with people who call themselves foodies.


Choose a drink for yourself, stick to your choice.
Do not come to the bar and ask for something so exotic that it is unlikely they will find.
No need to wait for the waiter to ask a friend what she will drink.
From time to time tied with alcohol. Unless, of course, you prefer the first glass than the last lying.


It is difficult to overestimate the attachment to the people with whom you went through a lot.
The guys have difficulty with empathy. If your friend has a problem, shut up and buy him a beer.
Tolerance will allow you to avoid many fights, but sometimes the asshole really breaks.
The loss of friends is inevitable, the acquisition of enemies can be avoided.


It is important to know a good tailor, to talk a lot about it - pretentiousness (inappropriate appreciation of oneself).
Find a good place to tailor clothes (on the figure). Most likely in the dry cleaners that you use, they do it badly.
Gentlemen remove hats indoors.
Never apologize for the 2 day bristles. Chin looks manly and some women love it.


Know the price of money and spend accordingly.
Come on for tea more than you need. The work of the people to whom you tip is certainly more difficult than yours, and they have to deal with people like you every day.
Debts are evil. No matter how skillfully you cope with them.
Recreational trips are very expensive, but this is by no means overkill.


Terminology debates and the rest is empty talk - for activists and training sessions. If you are interested in what you are doing, focus on creating things, not on talking about things.
No one is interested in the size of your to-do sheets.
The ability to take defeats and work in conditions of uncertainty has much in common with your success potential.
Your reputation is more important than salary, and honesty is more important than career.

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