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Habrahabr vs Intel team: photo report

So, the game Intel vs. Habrahabr , with the information support of the Good Projects companies and reallook.tv , took place :) I’ll better tell and show how it was, and at the same time share plans for further games. Well, I will not immediately announce the bill - what if someone is not yet in the know? :)

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Let me remind you briefly the background: the first in the history of habrafutbol was held on June 14 of this year, since then we have played about a dozen games with an interval of one to two weeks. At some point, with the active support of boomburum , Intel became interested in the event and in experiment mode supported us with a report from one of the games on its blog. After this game, we decided that it would be necessary to somehow meet with the Intel team and play.
The meeting took place this Monday. Contrary to the tradition of habrafutbola on weekends, because Intel, it turns out, on weekends they leave for summer houses - to drink beer and spud the beds, I guess. As it turned out, every Tuesday their football team plays on a rented pitch in the Luzhniki Stadium - therefore, they also rented a separate pitch for two hours on Monday evening to play with us. Where habrakomand team arrived in full force :)

As usually happens, it was not without organizational curiosities. For example, for some reason we were sure that Intel would come to the game in dark T-shirts - and in the blue eye we decided to be all in white. And only on Monday, a few hours before the game, it became known that Intel players will be in white! Vansickle was especially happy, as he specially bought a white T-shirt for the game, and I had to borrow a T-shirt from Bumburum — I still cannot imagine how she got on it. Perhaps Lyokha just wears things several sizes larger :)

Having gathered to meet on Sparrow Hills, we finally gathered on Sportivnaya - the captain of the Sc0rp10 team , reasoning that they wouldn't start without us, were a little late, and the punctual Intels were waiting for us at half past seven. Therefore, we moved to the field by two companies - a large, about ten people led by Burumych, and a small one - I, Sc0rp10 and segamsu, went to look for the required field No. 27 (by the way, anyone who finds this field on the Luzhniki scheme sent to us by the Intels will give a prize :) As a result, having strayed badly, we entered this field almost simultaneously.

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There, the goalkeeper of the Xternal team and the head of Reallook.tv FUTURUS were already waiting for us. They were the first to arrive on the field, and from boredom they had already managed to adjust and test the broadcast .

On the spot, I already met a nice girl Anya, who should be thanked for bringing together a dozen of the heftiest intellect members to meet with Habr :)

I hope the introduction did not seem to be too long. Now there will be pictures :)

The game has begun.

First time

We agreed on the rules on the spot, having agreed to play three halfs for fifteen minutes with five-minute breaks, and then - freestyle until you get tired (or rather, the field rental time is over - it was paid until half past nine).

Short meeting before the game - the team is almost at full strength:

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In the photo, from left to right: Sc0rp10 , toxicmt , segamsu , Andorro , dragomirka , vectorg , Sliderer , vansickle , Tremor , Vitya not with Habra (write your mail, add the announcements of matches to the newsletter), kiote .

Xternal seems to tell us that everything will be ok - everything was really good:

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toxicmt otake :

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Our permanent commentator berq22 is preparing to begin his immediate duties - to carry all sorts of garbage, entertaining the audience - production of Mac, Sony and Yota, ord:

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By the way, what did he get to talk, we edited in a five-minute (who wants to see everything - watch our broadcasts online) video:


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All this disgrace is amused by correspondents of foreign news agencies photo volunteers - by the way, this is not more than half of all those who came to the game with cameras and were actively shooting it:

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Almost all photographers, by the way, with Habr. But Intel had more fans. Or rather, not so - Intel had fans:

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Meanwhile, the dancing on the field continued:

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In the first half, they danced to the point that Intel shot Habra a ball into the goal.

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In terms of the game, it should be said that they played as a whole on an equal footing, and there were enough sharp moments at both gates - but in general, Intel showed more teamwork.

Which is not surprising - these guys, as it turned out, play in the Luzhniki Stadium every week, and our team gathered in such a squad for the first time.

Second goal

During the break, our gathered to consider the situation:

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With berq22 and FUTURUS, we also thought about how this will affect the broadcast ratings:

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However, what is there to think - you need to play:

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And keep the gate shut:

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After all, the main thing - not a victory, the main part - in the third half, Intel kicked in the second ball to Habra and won 2-0.

The comforting photo of a beautiful girl kiote :

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In the "extra time", half an hour after the end of the match, the habrakom team got even with Intel, rolling it into the goal (not empty! :) two return goals. But we will not cheat, and counting a draw: agreed on three halves - it means three halves. Just pay attention to this fact. We fix. Remember. Habr is not worse than Intel! This is not the last game and we'll take revenge :)

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Photo reports

All photos can be downloaded or viewed at the links (write nicknames of photographers and throw links to other reports, add):
fotki.yandex.ru/users/efimovov/album/98266 by photographer Oleg Efimov
3xtr.ru/habr.rar - Maxim Khan-Magomedov
narod.ru/disk/23786847000/habrafootball.rar.html - Evgeny Dorofeev

useful links

As always, you can follow us on Twitter on the hashtag #habrafootball , in the closed blog " Habraskhodka " and joining our group on Facebook.

Future plans

We look to the future with optimism.

But seriously, two more companies have already decided to follow the example of Intel, with one of them - hostcomm.ru will play in the very near future. Then, perhaps, the game will take place already hostcomm.ru vs. Intel, another company can fit into the process - in short, under the auspices of habra-football, we can arrange a mini-championship for IT companies. We accept applications for participation;)

And what about the good old games for their Akademka? Everything remains the same - every two weeks, on Saturdays, we will gather there to play in a close friendly circle :) And on free weeks the team Habrahabra will be able to play.


Habrafutbol was and will be a non-commercial event, but this does not mean that we do not need money - so if you want to become sponsors of Habrafutbol, ​​now is the time for this;) Contact me - I have all the contacts in my profile .


Thanks to Anya from Intel for the field and support.
Thanks to everyone who came to the game and showed what geeks actually cost :)
Thanks to our photographers - come to us more often.
And thanks to those who read this post to the end :)

After the game

The game ended closer to ten in the evening. The losers received consolation prizes from the winners - Intel's backpacks dispersed at the moment:

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It seems that this is my longest post on Habré.

Selection and processing of photos by boomburum :

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See you again!

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