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PS3 hacked and allows you to create / upload back-up games

All that Sony has been dreaming about for so long has happened: the PSX Scene and OzModChips team of the reputable site confirmed that the PS Jailbreak USB dongle allows you to create and download PS3 games backups from the built-in hard drive. The proof is the following video:

The exploit that uses this dongle remains unknown, but homebrew-scene experts assume that this device uses files that crash the console and enter it into debug mode (the so-called usb-jig ).
Declared support for FAT and SLIM versions of consoles in the American, European and Japanese region. The creators of the dongle recommend not updating the firmware version, because soon the vulnerability could be fixed (or the USB ports are disabled :)).

Upd: Some homebrew-scene players claim that this hack was created using the leaked PS3 SDK version and works only on debug console versions.


When you connect the device to the PS3 in the Game menu, the Backup Manager item appears, which allows you to create a dump of the game on the built-in HDD. Image creation time takes about 8-10 minutes. This is what this process looks like:

You can order a USB dongle on this site: http://psjailbreak.com (temporarily lay down)
Discussion on psx-scene.com (temporarily lay down)

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102148/

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