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Seven ways to increase your subscribers

Once the form of subscription to the email-list was a mandatory attribute of any site. But now you’ll hardly find them in new projects - offices in social networks are squeezing out the good old newsletter. But not all of your customers are on Facebook or regularly checking in on Twitter. A mailbox, however, is for everyone who uses the Internet.

One of the reasons why the email subscription has lost its popularity is its low efficiency. It is much easier to offer a person to subscribe to the mailing list “in between”, for example, during the registration process. But at the same time, that part of the audience that is consciously interested in your notifications is cut off.

There are some simple tips on how to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter.
The best way to make money on the Internet is to create mailing lists. Thus, you can build relationships with a huge number of potential customers around the world.
There are dozens of ways to make money from mailing lists. The question is how to increase the number of contacts in the mailing list.

The art of creating a mailing list is hard work, the algorithms of which were formed over several years by trial and error. We offer you 7 tips on attracting new subscribers:

1. The newsletter should be prominently displayed on all pages. This is already clear, but many creators of lists of e-mail addresses still do not. You must give people the opportunity to subscribe to every page of your site. The more people see your message, the more subscribers you will receive.

2. Offer a gift to each other person - for example, an e-book. People are more likely to sign up for a free newsletter, if they offer a gift. If you do not have your own books, it does not matter - you can use any of the thousands of free e-books on the Internet. Just choose the one that directly relates to the subject of your mailing.

3. Use your signature. Include a message about your newsletter with a link to it and a bonus for new subscribers in the signature to all your letters. You will very soon find that this method is very effective.

4. Advertise your newsletter in various directories. You need to give information about the distribution in the main stream of subscribers of your competitors. For example, select several main pages with a subscription to the resources of your competitors and find all sites that have links to these pages using the search engine for links to www.siteowner.com , and then post links to your site in the same directories.

5. Share ads with other newsletters. As soon as your mailing list will consist of several hundred subscribers, this will be the right moment to exchange ads with other newsletters. Recommend electronic editions in a special section and exchange ads with other publishers. You print their ads in your publication, and they, accordingly, your advertising in your publication. If you continue the development of this direction, with each release of the newsletter, you will be surprised at the rapid growth in the number of your subscribers. By the way, there are web directories, publishers ready for such an exchange of advertising.

6. Start joint projects. A joint project is one of the best ways to create and develop any business, and mailing lists are no exception. To implement such a project, you must find several partners working in the same field, but not being your direct competitors. Offer a subscription to their newsletter to anyone who has used the subscription form on your site and let them do the same. As experience shows, if your site brings, for example, 20 new subscribers every day, then a joint project for 5 publishers can bring from 50 to 100 new subscribers per day to each of them.

7. Use pop-up windows to offer to subscribe to the newsletter. I agree that most people do not like pop-up windows that open against their will (but this is a mild saying! - approx. Translator), but in practice this method significantly increases the number of your subscribers.

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