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Re: Ways to evaluate employee performance

For comments on the topic a bit too much, therefore, with your permission, I will answer with a topic.

Starting to read the article, I fully agreed on how it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness, but having reached as far as possible, I became in very many ways disagreeing. What am I talking about? Look further ...

I will make a reservation right away, I do not want to say that these are bad performance evaluations. The main thing when applying these, or any other assessments, is not to get carried away, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.
1. Fewer mistakes - more efficient worker
This postulate puts forward the idea: a programmer who does not make mistakes (extrapolation of a requirement is less than errors) is beneficial to the company. To tell you who makes no mistakes? (Well, if you're interested, here ).
Now, let's look from an economic point of view. For example, as developers, you implement a method for uploading a file to a web server. You checked the basic things: loading an empty file, loading a small file, loading a file a little more. And transferred to the testing department. Where a testing specialist checked how a form loads a 2 GB file. He checks on channels 10 Mb / s, 2 Mb / s, 1 Mb / s, 0.5 Mb / s. Tell how long it will take? And add to this a check of communication breaks, working off the storage overflow, and much more. Why am I doing this? Yes, all that you pay the programmer is 2-3 times more for testing, than the person responsible only for testing. Yes, the programmer should conduct testing using the “white box” method! But a programmer who crosses reasonable boundaries in this matter is evil. By the way, this is also remembered [1]. Well, in conclusion, as soon as you start paying the programmer for the fact that he has few errors, he will agree with the tester, and they will share the premium.

2. Idea generators are many times more efficient than consumers of ideas.
Here, it is even a shame to answer ... Here’s how it seems to you who is better for your company, a person who generates 100 ideas per hour, lights up them, carries them along ... But also quickly cools down and spreads to the next idea. Or an employee who generates a year may be one worthwhile idea, but bringing it to realization.
Well, “Because they are interested in reinventing bicycles, and in no case should they take this opportunity away. "- I don’t even know ... In the university, in the research center, in the testing department ... But the developer inventing bicycles in a commercial project is, in most cases, evil. [2]

3. The more abstract thinking, the more effective the employee.
I met “architects” a couple of times, transforming a simple abstraction from two levels of inheritance into a hierarchy of level classes for 5-7. And you really need it? I recommend reading [3].

4. The effectiveness of the employee is directly proportional to his self-motivation.
Here I agree with self-motivation. This is the motivation that requires to grow further. But with the conclusion about where to work ... I fundamentally disagree. The man "aggressive", according to the author, seeks to work in a startup. After all, everyone reading this article seeks to broaden their horizons, to get new ideas that may be contrary to your beliefs (i.e., self-motivated), but ... You have two sentences before you: work in a startup you are required to develop it MySql + Php) and in Intel (compiler development for a parallel programming language). Whose offer will you accept? As another example, how a company with the letter G raises the level of self-motivation of its employees, present and future - [4].

5. The faster employees perform code refinement, the more effective they are.

Well, in conclusion:
Each person has a certain outlook. When this outlook narrows to infinitely small - it turns into a point. It is then that a person begins to say that this is his “point of view”. Edwin Gilbert

So read, compare, and make your decision, even if it turns out to be not always correct. Have a nice day, and effective programmers in colleagues and subordinates.

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