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When is THEM cheaper?

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Today we have quite an interesting topic of conversation - sales.

As you know, every autumn and winter, American stores begin to massively lash windows with plywood sheets in the hope of escape from distraught shopaholics - crowds of people eager to buy things that suddenly dropped three times, storming shopping centers.

Such shopping euphoria has not spared online shopping. In September, October and November, most online stores make a semi-annual turnover. On average, prices are reduced by 20-30%, but there are also very wild sales - many expensive things can be sold for 10-15% of their summer prices.

Of course, first of all we are talking about clothes - the end of August and the beginning of September for the stores is the time to get rid of the summer collection, and therefore unsold items fall sharply in price.
Following the apparel stores, there are electronics stores - by the autumn most companies are updating the assortment of household and computer equipment, and spring models are getting cheaper.


In addition to seasonal sales, there are also special sales dedicated to major national holidays. The closest such holiday in the USA is September 6, Labor Day, Labor Day. On this day, all those who work hard rest all year, and store employees work for them - there comes a sale.
Generally speaking, in the USA there are a lot of national holidays, for each of which not only mass celebrations, but also sales are organized. Russian ear, of course, it is difficult to get used to the fact that the sale may be on the Day of the Coast Guard or the Day of Memory of colored women, but the fact remains.

Here is a complete list of all upcoming holidays:

September 6 - Labor Day, Labor Day
October 12 - Columbus Day or Columbus Day
November is traditionally the month of the hottest sales.
October 31 - November 1 - Halloween, Halloween
November 25 , the famous Black Friday - the apotheosis of sales
From December 26 to January 1, Gwanzaa is celebrated - the week of African Americans.

Sales will begin in autumn also in other countries - China, Great Britain, Japan, and from the middle of September Europe will appear on the discount price card ...

In order to have time to buy a good thing at a low price, start now to look closely at online stores - our list will help you.

Of course, most of the stores and the rumor did not hear about Russia and its product shortages , but with EbayToday this is not a problem - we will help bring quality goods purchased at a sale.

As always, we will gladly answer your questions in the comments.

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