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How we conducted the examination. findings

Glavstart regularly receives a large flow of projects. Each of them passes the examination.
Our experts, conducting research, have discovered an amazing thing: it turns out that many people do not notice the strengths of their startups.
For example, take a few popular destinations:

Internet sales.
Consider one of such projects as the classic “offline business online” - it’s very, very difficult to find buyers, because such services are not new and there are many of them in the market.
Take a look at the other side. You can separately develop the technology itself, automatic parsing of price lists and its integration, and sell it as a separate service. Such a project will tear off with his hands and feet.
The production of technology is a very labor-intensive process, and they are ready to pay for it hundreds of times more than just a good idea.

Geo-contextual advertising and discounts.
Working in this direction, you can make a high-quality mobile application with convenient payment options. Now there are no such applications, by and large. They are needed, they want them, but no one did.
A project with catalogs and aggregators can be converted and sold as a semantic search system. The very catalog of something interesting is very few people need, but the mechanism, the understanding of "how to do it" and, most importantly, embeddability in any business is already a serious application.

Well, and, of course, social networks and portals for communication by interests . To them, you can still add functional copies of existing services. For example, New Twitter.
Indeed, twitter itself is not perfect and it has some flaws, there is a place for improvement. But if you improve Twitter, or any other service, it's easier to make a convenient built-in functionality or a new “gadget”, and not to create everything from scratch.

The most important and valuable in the project is still not an idea, but a mechanism (know-how) and the person who develops it.

The problem is that, clutching at an idea, you can lose the real needs of the market and the user.

To prevent this from happening, do not forget to answer the question “why does the user need it?”, The answer to which will determine if this project is needed at all in the market.
It will never hurt to once again explore the market: perhaps the decision you are going to work on has already been implemented by someone else. In order not to satisfy the needs that are already satisfied, it is better to play ahead of time, creating projects that, by their appearance, will change the vector of development of the industry.

If the niche is occupied - you can create a new niche and become the first one in it.
You need to think about your project, conduct research, search, check, improve and understand what you are doing and for whom.

Roughly speaking, it is more useful for business if you only think about your project and its capabilities, without being distracted by “everyday” problems like monetization.
You need to look for unsolved problems and make services that solve them - such a service will always be in demand and relevant. And there will never be a demanded and actual service of problems with monetization.
And we can solve the remaining problems - Glavstart.

Glavstart (just like the market) does not matter what city you are from, how old you are, what your education is. We all work on the Internet, not recognizing physical quantities.

The main thing is you and your project.

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