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Removal of extra costs for customers for online stores with courier delivery

Yes, the name "small" clumsy came out, but the essence is as follows.

Recently, I was going to buy a laptop in one company. Budget, just what I need. One of the main advantages of products in this category is price. Because I do not live in Moscow and was not going to it, but the delivery by the Post of Russia “did not work there temporarily” (I think, thank God, there was no temptation), I chose delivery by courier.

The delivery was supposed to cost xxx rubles, which still left room for savings on the laptop of this company compared to buying in local stores from other companies. But, since I, again, not from the capital, where the purchase is paid by the courier upon delivery, I had to pay for the goods themselves + delivery in advance through the bank. And there is his commission. As a result, the price of the laptop was not so attractive, I found a better brand in the city and a bit cheaper.

And companies can do the following to reduce this cost: to demand payment in advance only for delivery. This ensures that the courier run will be paid for. The risk for the seller that the client will refuse the goods is low, since the client has already paid the money, and there is no sense in throwing them away. And the client at the same time saves!


Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102128/

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