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Madness, we sing a song ... Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days has come!

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days When a few years ago the creators of Hitman launched a new shooter with unexpected heroes, it looked a bit risky.

Firstly, there were two of them, and secondly, they were not macho. One is a mercenary-loser, the other is a schizophrenic, downtrodden with medicines.

A bold move actually added a certain literary character to the game: the characters had complex relationships, at first glance, their opposite characters added anguish to the plot and at the same time it was felt - these two are tightly connected with each other.
The type of out-and-out hardened criminals (those whom they like to show in films about American prisons) has not yet been used in game-building - and Kane & Lynch has succeeded.

In addition, the creators with fantasy and light came to the choice of scenes of the battle scenes, creating a cinematographic spectacle.

In the second part, sworn friends move to the dirty and narrow streets of Shanghai. This dangerous and exotic place will be an excellent entourage for the most cruel and reckless killers in the history of games.

At the same time, the game will have a “reality” look, as if, along with Kane and Lynch, a random witness is running and takes what he sees to a camera that is far from being of cinematic quality and then put it on YouTube.

YouTube-aesthetics, non-tourist streets of Shanghai, Kane and Lynch with all their cockroaches - we have to see all this because Lynch decided to take the job, the fee for which it was impossible to refuse.

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