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Sandisk has released a tiny SSD-drive with a capacity of 64 gigabytes


Scientific and technical progress is proceeding at such a pace that even one who has adapted to the rapid change of everything and the whole person does not have time to get used to many things. For example, I still remember how a miracle the usual “stump” seemed to me, which then, in the 90s, was an unattainable good. Until now, some devices that I already have such a feeling (for example, a robot vacuum cleaner - I follow it during cleaning, as attached, it is so interesting), but somehow weakly aware of their reality, marveling at the technical genius of ordinary would be the people who created it all. But let's leave all these sentiments. The fact is that the company Sandisk has released a new miracle, a tiny SSD-drive with a capacity of 64 gigabytes. This is not a memory card, but a chip that practically does not take up space, but is integrated into the PC motherboard or the scheme of any mobile device.

Recently, conventional hard disks of this size seemed like a miracle, but now tiny drives can be so capacious - isn't it amazing? Generally speaking, Sandisk intends to use the new chip exclusively in mobile devices, expanding the available memory to the user to previously inaccessible limits. As can be seen from the photo, the size of the drive is equal to the size of the postage stamp. It is worth noting that Sandisk will release a variety of modifications, ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB models.
The read / write speed is 160 MB / s and 100 MB / s, respectively. In general, fast enough to run and normal operation of any operating system. Now you can make pre-orders, and the devices themselves will be available in a few weeks. By the way, the exact dimensions of the drive - 16 * 20 * 1.85 mm. Weight - less than one gram.

It is possible that the new Sandisk SSDs will become very popular among manufacturers of devices such as tablet PCs and ultraportable netbooks. Perhaps, in communicators and smartphones such devices will be installed soon. In any case, such a memory size with such dimensions cannot but please the end user who receives capacious and truly portable devices.

Sandisk has also published an official press release that can be found here. We still have to wait for the release of more portable devices. What will happen next? Terabyte media the size of a pinhead? We'll see.

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