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Winegame 0.1.92 aka 0.2.0 RC1


Today version 0.1.92 (0.2.0 RC1) of my Winegame project (and winestuff - the base library) has been released.

You can read about what it is in adjacent topics (see right). The name implies that this is an “add-on” for Wine to easily install games.
In the new version there are so many minor changes that I cannot list them all.

In fact, since version 0.1.0, the entire program and the base library has been rewritten (although this doesn’t catch the eye at first glance at the GUI).


There is one unpleasant moment. The database format (more precisely, the format of the tables) version 0.1.92 is not compatible with version 0.1.0, and I have not yet found a solution to the problem. So it’s better to backup the ~ / .winegame directory.

However, I assure you that by 0.2.0 everything will be fixed.



Gentoo ebuilds are already available here .

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102091/

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