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Tangible image from Disney Research Labs

Scientists from Pittsburgh are developing a screen, the picture on which will be tangible.
Users of devices with such a screen can not only see the image on it, but also find out how it feels to the touch!

According to Ivan Pupyreva , a senior researcher at Disney Research Labs, the developers' goal is to achieve the transfer of the texture of the object shown on the screen. For this, researchers apply high voltage to transparent electrodes on a glass plate. By changing the frequency and amplitude of the signal, you can create a different texture and thus the person will have a feeling of touching the wood, glass, fabric, etc.

The developers claim that, first of all, a haptic (technology of interaction between a person and a virtual object) will find application in mobile devices, but we know what to do with what can be cut more ... :)
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Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/102090/

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