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Habrafutbol in the northern capital: the orgpost


I'll be brief.

date and time

August 22, Sunday, 12:00. Please be on the field in advance, somewhere around 11:45.
A place

Street Ordinarnaya, house 5 (metro station Petrogradskaya). The plan in the picture. The box marked the desired house (with a well), in it is an arch. It is necessary to pass through the arch, then through another one, and there will be a field to the right (it is located between houses No. 5 and No. 3A).


Artificial turf with crumbs. It is most comfortable to play in 12-spiked boots and forty-legs. In the presence of locker rooms and showers.

A game

Judging by the previous post, we recruited about 10 people, so let's play an hour and a half, we will see according to the situation.


He takes dark t-shirts (capes will be light), as well as water, balls, cameras, fans and especially fans. Let me remind you that the rent of the field is paid, so take money with you, 150 rubles will be enough.

Contact Information

You can record my phone and call if anything happens: 8 921 321 5519 (Andrew).

You can unsubscribe in the comments to confirm your participation, as well as retweet the message .

See you on the field!

UPD. List of participants: andreycha , Nash (+1), noRerih , 3ybHa9_Fe9 , ZooBestik , LLIAMAH , phillennium , Ex3NDR , faustmax , ilyafd (+1)

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