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How Beeline drains money

Be careful, Beeline!

It all started with the fact that I decided in early August to minimize the cost of GPRS-traffic and connect the "unlimited" Internet from Beeline (service " (150/13) Unlimited Internet ").

Delighted that now I will pay less for mobile communication, I began to actively use Google Maps on my Nexus and in general I began to use it often as a modem. But at some point, I found that the data exchange rate does not rise more than 64k instead of the promised 256k on EDGE and 2m on UMTS. Perhaps this is the problem of billing, I thought and decided to wait until September, because the speed was fine with me. But for some reason, the minimization of communication expenses did not happen and I decided to order the details in order to find out where the funds from my account would still go.

So, as it turned out, Beeline has a great pricing system for clicking on links, and not for traffic, this can be seen from the details:

Surprised by this development of events, I decided to call the KC by phone 0622, in the hope that they would explain to me what I was charged with more than 12 cu at a time, but as it turned out in vain.

The girl from the first line of support for a long time did not want to accept the application and lapotala, something about the Opera Mini (which I have never used), then about the “commercial sites”. The most interesting thing started after I asked to provide the actual list of Premium sites URLs, and then it turned out that in addition to the “commercial sites” of partners for which CC operators have information (however, like on Beeline’s site), there are “commercial sites "" not partners "on which, as I understood the information from Beeline, in principle, no. Cool? Actually, the question is where does the money go from subscriber accounts when switching to “non-partner” sites, on what basis and how to fence yourself off from this?

UPD .: Money returned, the site as it turned out that I allegedly visited funtrack.ru . I have not yet received a list of sites that I have visited “dangerously,” so to be continued.

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