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Why you shouldn't buy Sony Ericsson products in Ukraine, and probably in general

Here I talk about my sad experience of owning a Sony Ericsson phone, a caliper in Ukraine, about one “wonderful” store and a no less remarkable service center.

The topic is written in order to warn new customers from an ill-considered step, as well as to cry in a vest.

In general, in the summer of 2009, my old Samsung i320 smartphone that served me faithfully and truthfully began to fail, because by chance I had the DR in the summer - I decided to make myself a gift, I first formulated the requirements - it should be qwerty like i320, because I “Live” in an outlook, having a GPS — tired of uploading screenshots of googlemaps when I go somewhere, it should be convenient to speak on it, and GPS predetermines a large screen, as a result I have a couple of candidates - HTC pro, SE X1, TS 900, Samsung 700-some kind of model and another HTC model is not n Omnu. I read the reviews - samsung was dropped due to poor GPS, Toshiba because it was not suitable for talking, one HTC being morally obsolete with wild weight, HTCpro and its twin SE X1 remained.
The choice was hard, the price is about the same $ 500, HTC has an accelerometer, SE metal body and does not look like a plastic toy. In general, I chose X1.

I began to read, I learned that there is a batch of defective devices in which the case spontaneously cracks, the party was small and made until March 2009, the marriage was recognized by the manufacturer and he, the manufacturer, changed the case without talking. In general, it seems not deadly, I thought I was lucky.

I bought the phone in a very large store of Ukraine “Mobitrade”, as can be seen from the end - they specialize in mobile phones, the phone bought “white” and “certified” with 1 year warranty despite almost $ 100 overpayment. The phone turned out to be the release of May 2009 i. sort of like no marriage.

I used the phone for 3 months, after which I noticed cracks in the case, in general, I was upset, unfortunately it was at this time that I had some personal problems and I decided to postpone the trip to the service center since there was still time, the phone continued to fall apart I was afraid to even breathe on it, until it fell apart at all, I decided to fix it.

I chose a convenient day, went to the SE site and found the authorized SC closest to me, it turned out to be SC “Ravis” at Rusanovka, took all the papers about it, I come, it means to the SC at the designated address and see the sign Nakia, I go I see 5-6 racks with managers to each person, 10 in the queue, everything is in the hands of “for some reason” exactly Nakii and everyone swears with the manager when his turn comes, in general he took the turn, when my turn comes, I draw the phone to the girl, and it turns out we have such a dialogue:

M: you know SE with Ukraine does not work, we send them first to the “factory” examination, if they say that it is subject to repair, then we do something, but it will all be very long ”- made it clear that“ maybe I will change my mind "
I: in turn, make round eyes and ask “you are SC Ravis, is the address such and such?”
M: yes
I: in this case, I want to give this phone to you for repair and I want to repair it free of charge - with the word “repair free” the girl was clearly nervous
M: but you have the same mechanical damage
I: yes, these damages of SE were officially recognized as a marriage and a guarantee case, and I think you, as an authorized SC, know
M: you are the first to contact us with such a problem - apparently leaving to talk with the head
M: comes, takes the phone without a conversation, gives a back and says that they will call back and where in the internet to watch the repair status
I am interested in saying that after repair such nonsense will not happen again.
M: reminds that I am the first with such a problem and they say everything will be ok

After 3-4 days, the phone turned out to be repaired - in general, the tale about the plant turned out to be linden, I come to pick up, as it turned out they completely replaced the case, the keyboard, the buttons - in general, it was normal but the pipe began to creak and there were no cracks, well, thanks So.

Then the most interesting ... passes 2 !!! weeks and the body (already new) cracks again, straightening my nerves with beer, I decide to turn it over to hell “until it started.”

I call the seller - I remind you of “Mobitrade”, I tell the situation, I get the answer “no question, come and grab everything”, I go to the store where I’ll just see the device in my hands and say that there’s no question of return until SC’s conclusion that it cannot be repaired, I wonder what nafik is the conclusion if I have the second similar breakdown during the warranty period - I get an answer that the law on consumer protection was corrected in 2007 and this is no longer a reason ... I come home, I really do read pancake.

I am going to SC “Ravis”, I explain that I need a conclusion about non-repairable, the manager declares that “they don’t give this, they are not an expert commission but SC”, I go to the director, I communicate with him, he asks the girls to give me a certificate that I have again “The warranty case is not my fault,” I also get a comment from the manager, “but we have a lot of cases, we will come at least every day” ... damn, but how I was “first in the area”.

I come home evil to the impossibility, make up an official loaf to the store where I express my thoughts, reasonably point out why this drawback is significant, my requirements for the store are generally taught as they are, not the belongings and the song, I attach copies of all the documents - I personally take one to the store on the second is getting a signature of acceptance for consideration.

Waiting for a week - silence, calling - the store manager says “yes, they sent you an answer almost immediately,” okay, I am writing off the mail for another week - calling again, another manager says, “oh, you forgot to send the answer now, we will send” ... I have gone nuts, after 3 days I receive a letter where it is written that they say “you are denied because the SC recognized this fault as such that it can eliminate” the fact that I insisted on recognizing the failure was essentially simply ignored, the examination was not appointed.

I am writing a cart by e-mail to the SE support service, after 3 days I get an answer that they are VERY sorry but SE has closed its representative office in Ukraine, and they have no official dealers, they don’t have business relations with Mobitrade, they cannot influence it - fuck themselves, in short, if I do not like this address in Moscow where you can write a complaint.

In general, I scored, I’ve started to break into the Consumer Protection Committee, the phone is falling apart, the guarantee has passed - I’m going to repair the freedom in Rāvis for my ... well, if anyone is thinking about buying an SE phone, think again.


SE representative response:

“Upon your request to provide the official mailing address of our company, we inform you that in Ukraine there is no representative office of the manufacturer Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, as well as no person authorized by the manufacturer, or the company importer of mobile phones Sony Ericsson . However, if you deem it necessary, you can send us an email at the support center of our company, namely:

143560, Moscow Region, Leninsky District, Rumyantsevo Village, p. 1., floor 4. Sony Ericsson

Due to the fact that our company does not have a representative office in Ukraine, the only thing we can help you at the moment is to check that your device is repaired as soon as possible in one of our authorized service centers.

Once again, we regret that there is a defect in your Sony Ericsson device, and we will be happy to help you repair your phone in the shortest possible time.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything else!

Best wishes,

Artem Shein "
By the way, SE has a separate email for supporting this phone in Ukraine: xperia.ua @ support.sonyericsson.com, as for me it’s comical

Since many in the comments say that they say that the absence of SE representation is normal and they somehow don’t, I explain, in accordance with the law of Ukraine on consumer protection, I can “ON YOUR DESIRE” contact either the seller or the MANUFACTURER to terminate the contract of sale , well, you understand - the company SE officially froze when I suggested that they say I want to break the contract, they solemnly said that "ONLY to the store" because "well, we have no representative where you could go."

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