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FVD Suite - Shakes Everything! Or almost everything ...

Dear friends!
We are glad to welcome you on our blog, which we hope will take a worthy place on the habrakarta.

Our company is developing software for working with media content. The release of one of our products, namely the FVD Suite, will be discussed in this post.

FVD Suite is the ability to download your favorite video and encode it in the desired format with a few mouse clicks.

The program is completely free and has the Editor's Pick award from Brothersoft.com

Many different services are supported, including the most popular YouTube, Metacafe, Megavideo ...
And the main innovation is the automatic search for active streams (what you are viewing) and their loading.

The interface is quite simple, the main window is tabbed. But first things first.

Download audio / video

Here you can download content using FVD web resources.
A list of supported sites can be obtained by clicking the List of supported sites button.
Simply paste the URL into the field, and click the Add button.

You can also specify the format in which the video will be converted after the download is completed.

The following formats are currently supported:

There are import and export features in M3U playlists.

Streaming media and RTMP streams

Recently, the program can find active audio / video streams via HTTP and RTMP using the WinPcap library.
All you need is to select the desired network interface from the list, or use auto-search.


The program can work with video, audio, and flash data.
The list of supported MIME types is presented below.


Converter is what started the development of the program.
You can encode files either individually or as a whole list.


From the settings you can choose the audio / video codec, bit rate, resolution, sampling rate.

Video search

Not without the video search function. Used by Google Custom Search.
Search is conducted only on those sites that are supported by the FVD Suite.

Browser Integration

To work with the program it was even easier, we developed browser extensions (for Firefox and Internet Explorer for now).

Download button, automatically send the desired URL to the download.
More worth mentioning bonus features.

Technical side

Currently, the software is running on the Windows platform. However, it is planned to release versions for MacOS X and Linux family systems.
The stream definition functions are implemented using the WinPcap libraries.
The well-known FFmpeg acts as an encoder.


For downloading via HTTP, cURL is used, and for RTMP, the flvstreamer project.
A modular architecture is used, where each function has its own binary. And communication happens through standard input-output. Thus, the porting process will take less time, for example, MacOS cURL is already built in.

Sources, copies of the LGPL / GPL and instructions for assembling FFmpeg and FLVStreamer, you can find on our website .

We will be glad to hear your comments and suggestions.

We wish you success!
team fvd media.

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